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Kathairos Launches Energy Influencer Spotlight: PennEnergy Resources Champions Innovative Methane Emissions Reduction Across Appalachia

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pennenergy resources champions innovative methane emissions reduction across appalachia 2

PITTSBURGH, PA [April 9, 2024] PennEnergy Resources, LLC, a leading player in the Appalachian Basin’s natural gas industry, is proud to announce its progressive achievements in emissions reductions of methane and other pollutants, as part of Kathairos Solutions’ Energy Influencers campaign. This initiative celebrates the industry’s frontrunners in environmental stewardship, showcasing PennEnergy’s commitment to responsible energy production.

“Environmental stewardship hasn’t shaped our strategy, it has always been our strategy,” said Greg Muse, President and Chief Operating Officer of PennEnergy Resources. “Our dedication to environmental stewardship goes beyond regulatory compliance; it’s woven into the fabric of our company, driving us to constantly seek innovative solutions that ensure our operations are as clean and efficient as possible.”

PennEnergy’s proactive approach has led to a series of successful initiatives such as the incorporation of liquid nitrogen systems (via partnership with Kathairos) into its portfolio of emission reduction strategies, allowing for the rapid conversion of traditional pneumatic devices to zero-emission sources. This technology has been a game-changer for remote legacy facilities with limited access to infrastructure.

pennenergy resources champions innovative methane emissions reduction across appalachia 1

“The partnership between PennEnergy and Kathairos represents a powerful alignment of vision and values. Together, we are demonstrating that sustainable practices and economic growth are not mutually exclusive but are, in fact, synergistic,” said Dick Brown, President and CEO of Kathairos Solutions. “Our collaborative efforts underscore our shared commitment to pioneering technologies that address critical environmental challenges while advancing the energy sector’s sustainability goals.”

The Energy Influencers campaign, a strategic multi-channel endeavor, aims to spotlight major oil and gas producers’ significant emissions reduction milestones and their adoption of cutting-edge technology. The campaign will showcase highlight videos, press releases, and case studies, all emphasizing the role of these producers as industry pacesetters.

PennEnergy’s comprehensive approach to emissions reduction extends beyond technological adoption. It involves cultivating a culture where every team member, from executives to field operators, is aligned with the company’s core values of Honesty & Integrity, Environmental Stewardship, and Teamwork, Respect & Collaboration. This cultural commitment is reflected in their consistent efforts to exceed regulatory requirements and to be transparent with their progress through various third-party environmental certifications like MiQ and Project Canary.

As the natural gas industry moves towards a more sustainable future, PennEnergy Resources not only adapts but leads the way with an unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

For more on PennEnergy’s industry-leading approach to environmental stewardship and to view the spotlight video, please visit


For additional information please contact:

Kelly Doody
Chief Marketing Officer, Kathairos Solutions
[email protected]
(855) 285-2010

Amanda Peterson
Stakeholder Relations Manager, PennEnergy Resources
[email protected]
(412) 275-3200


PennEnergy Resources is a Pittsburgh-based oil and gas company focused on the acquisition and development of unconventional shale resources. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation, PennEnergy Resources is a pioneer in emissions reduction and sustainable practice in the energy sector. Learn more at


Kathairos has emerged as the leading North American solution for well site methane elimination from pneumatic devices, with thousands of systems in operation across North America in partnership with dozens of major oil and gas producers. Kathairos is proudly committed to solving the problem of methane venting from oil and gas production in the most effective, economical and scalable way, enabling producers to meet ambitious regulatory targets and timelines. Learn more at


The Energy Influencers storytelling series highlights the emissions reduction successes Kathairos’ producer partners have achieved, as driven by their overall outlook, internal targets and timelines, commitment to industry longevity and new technology adoptions. The series features in-depth videos, interviews and case studies designed to amplify the narrative of progress and the dedicated ‘doers’ of sustainable energy production. It embraces a shift toward transparency, openness and exposure to what North America’s forward-thinking oil and gas producers have achieved on their path to decarbonization, and what they’re tackling next. See the stories at

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