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Copper Tip Energy Services
Copper Tip Energy

Endurance Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with the Country of Bahrain with Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars Asia and TriMark Tubulars Ltd.

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Endurance Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that we have recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Country of Bahrain with Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars Asia and TriMark Tubulars Ltd.

The agreement gives these two companies exclusive rights to distribute our ENDURALLOY® production tubing, casing, and components within this market with our full technical support.

About Endurance Technologies Inc. (ETI)

Since 1993 Endurance Technologies Inc. has been supplying field-proven, surface engineering thermo-chemical (thermal-diffusion) process registered as ENDURALLOY® out of Calgary, Alberta Canada for applications requiring superior protection against erosion, abrasion, rod wear, and corrosion.  The process is based on the CVD principles where boron atoms, being in the gas phase, deposit and diffuse into the heated steel surface with consequent formation of iron borides (FeB and Fe2B) with their growth and consolidation yielding a hard and chemically inert protective layer. It is also often referred to as diffusion alloying and pack cementation.

The ENDURALLOY® surface layer provides excellent protection of tubing, casing and other components against rotating or stroking rod wear, sliding abrasion and erosion caused by fluids with abrasive particles, friction, corrosion and their combinations causing premature failures of steels and ferrous alloys. While maintaining original drift diameter, and possessing proven wear resistance, ENDURALLOY® tubing dramatically reduces tubing failures to significantly improve well run-time and well profitability.


About Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars Asia

MITA is one of the four regional hubs of the Tubular Product Division of Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc (MISI); is headquartered in Singapore to strategically provide competitive tubular solutions to our customers in more than 70 countries across Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Together with several group offices and subsidiaries with more than 500 employees, MITA offers an extensive product portfolio with exceptional quality and strives to maintain immaculate service standards to ensure customers’ attention is solely on their own business operations.


About TriMark Tubulars Ltd.

TriMark Tubulars is a partnership between Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. and Russel Metals Inc. This new collaboration allows us to access mill-ordered materials from strategic locations and gives TriMark the financial strength to purchase and hold a large inventory of energy tubular options for your business.

TriMark provides customized OCTG and linepipe solutions at every step of the tubular supply chain for the modern energy industry.


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