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Controlling Costs of Maintenance Activity and Materials: A CMMS Will Help Ensure Your Facility’s Survival

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Controlling Costs of Maintenance Activity and Materials - A CMMS Will Help Ensure Your Facility’s Survival

Plants and manufacturing facilities face weighty economic challenges in their operating environments. Even assuming supply chain disruptions and other pandemic-related issues soon abate, the overall operating climate for many companies remains challenging.

As upper management weighs the benefits of adopting significant (and costly) improvements such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, they are also looking for simpler, more value-driven ways to reduce expenses. One big area of savings comes in controlling the cost of maintenance management while ensuring equipment longevity. The most effective way to achieve these twin goals is through the use of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) like Azzier, from Tero.

Boosting Profitability and Operating Efficiency

Use of a CMMS can reduce maintenance inventory costs almost immediately, while improving overall maintenance of assets. So effective is CMMS that in a 2021 maintenance study, nearly 60% of respondents credited them with reducing downtime. Azzier was developed with these goals in mind and today, offers even more features that boost productivity and minimize downtime. The following functionality was designed by Tero, so that Azzier CMMS would provide optimal support for your maintenance workflows.

Timecard Module

Organizations can track costs for every minute spent on labor and contractor activities. The data feeds several Azzier modules, informing planning, expediting problem identification and ensuring maximum time is devoted to value-added, production-oriented tasks. The Timecard Module also enables firms to aggregate employee time from multiple work orders. In addition, posted timecards are automatically associated with relevant work orders.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Module

With Azzier Preventive Maintenance, PM schedules can be produced or suppressed as needed based on triggers or schedules created by time period, meter readings, usage or repetitive work, and/or regular/seasonal activities. Nested PMs allow the user to set up multiple PMs, each with several procedures, to consolidate work on a single work order. PMs can be updated dynamically from Work Order Actuals, and detailed accounting information can be established on the PM before a work order is generated.

Procedure Module

Users can track all tasks, labor, materials, services and tools required to complete a job. Complete job plans can be added to work orders or preventive maintenance schedules, with all job plans easily maintained in Azzier’s procedure library. Procedure libraries can also be generated to ensure continuity and support long-range cost reduction and performance optimization.

Predictive Maintenance Module

Azzier’s Predictive Maintenance (PdM) module uses readings from the asset, captured either real-time or manually, and benchmarks them against fully configurable limits and warnings containing upper and lower thresholds. High/low temperatures or current draws can trigger a work order (emergency or high priority) that is emailed automatically. Real time sampling and monitoring, with automated “out of specification” actions, help ensure peak efficiency and inform eco-focused programs.


Route Reading

This module records readings like temperature, vibration and voltage and transmits it to other Azzier modules for action and reporting/visualization. Support for multiple readings increases data collection effectiveness. The module supports both manual entry and automated data collection. When an interface is created to your SCADA, or other sensor array, information is fed to other modules and can be used to drive Predictive Maintenance. Options such as mobile devices promote efficiency and data integrity, as well.

Work Orders

Teams enjoy support for daily maintenance and operations with tracking of activity-based costing for labor, material and tools. Editable work orders are generated from either the Work Request module, maintenance schedules, or on-demand. All aspects of work are maintained/tracked, with account codes and/or automatic notifications, from tasks, labor and materials to fault codes, downtime and asset costs.

Work Request Module

Operating like a customer service center, this module enables requesters to submit work requests in an easy-to-use format, with subsequent email notifications and/or updates regarding request progress, status, estimated request completion costs and more.

Azzier iOS Mobile App

Our native iOS application facilitates maintenance workflow management from work order initiation to task completion. Interacting seamlessly with other Azzier modules, the app lets workers view work orders, review tasks, add time, and close work orders with completion remarks. Elapsed work order completion time can be tracked with the built-in timer, which also records the time and date.

Boosting Profitability with Azzier

So effective is the use of a CMMS, that in a recent study it was listed as the technology most often used to manage and monitor maintenance (50% of respondents).

The survey also indicated that successful CMMS users averaged 19% lower material costs and an 18% reduction in total inventory. Finally, and perhaps most impressively (especially for the finance department and C-suite), 65% percent of respondents in a survey indicated a CMMS helps improve the overall efficiency of plant manufacturing. That’s a statistic all plant management should welcome.

For a complimentary discussion of how you and your facility can achieve this value, we invite you to visit, call 866-818-8376 or email [email protected]. We commit in advance that the discussion will yield valuable, actionable information.

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