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On-site Heat Treatment Safety Leaders Accomplish 4th Year of Zero Recordable Injuries

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Safety is a key topic in the on-site heat treatment industry. Without impeccable safety measures, procedures, and technological advancements, service providers would not sustain, and lives would be subjected to increased risk. So, we must ask ourselves why are more companies not holding it in the highest regard?

It is no secret that at Superheat safety is paramount. It is a core pillar of their company, and they strive every day to be better than the day before to ensure safety for all. As they say, “safety is no accident”. It is with great pride Superheat would like to share that they have succeeded in another year of Zero Recordable Injuries, their 4th consecutive year!

on site heat treatment safety leaders accomplish 4th year of zero recordable injuries 1

This is not an achievement that they take lightly or for granted. They note that each member of the Superheat Team has played a key role in making safety their utmost priority, especially those with boots on the ground choosing safety as their key focus day in and day out. It has also largely been influenced by the outstanding efforts of their Regional Safety Representatives Emily Switzer, Bret Cadenhead, Joe Brynda, Ian Rezac, Tony McDonald, and Stephen Guy, and their synergy with Superheat’s operations Teams.

In tandem with efforts from all Superheat Team members their innovations and technology advancements have played a large part in sustaining their safety metrics year over year. They understand heat treatment specifications are consistently changing and safety requirements have become increasingly demanding. Therefore, Superheat continually forecasts the need for more sophisticated devices and equipment to provide a safer overall heat treatment process. Through their advancements, they have minimized the human footprint of essential staff on the job site and built safety into their operational processes. Thus, decreasing the overall exposure risk and taking a data analytic approach that puts safety at the forefront of their service, research, and development

on site heat treatment safety leaders accomplish 4th year of zero recordable injuries 2

Superheat is the only company in the world dedicated to the true remote operation of on-site equipment from their strategically located off-site Superheat SmartCenters™. Through a patented process that integrates remote operation technology and equipment advancements, they provide an on-site heat treatment service in which 100% of the equipment and heat cycles can be controlled remotely. When compared to the industry standard, Superheat reduces the required man-hour footprint on job sites by up to 40%, thus decreasing the headcount through clients’ gates and ultimately removing field staff from potentially hazardous areas.

Continual investment in R&D coupled with their in-house manufacturing division ensures they have complete control over the safety features built into their equipment. As noted above, their Superheat SmartPoint™ and Superheat SmartGen™ heat treatment consoles are engineered to be remotely operated and can be shut down or power can be initiated in any environment even from a mobile device. Therefore, in the event of emergencies, field personnel are only concerned with their well-being and the safe exit of the facility, wasting no unnecessary time powering down equipment. Their heat treatment consoles are commercial grade dedicated compliant with CLASS 1 Nuclear Programs and the only heat treatment consoles approved to UL# 508A/CSA #C22 No.14-10, the highest of safe manufacturing practices and circuitry standards.

on site heat treatment safety leaders accomplish 4th year of zero recordable injuries 3

Lastly, their Superheat SmartPak™ is the only piece of equipment in the industry to provide intelligence at the weld in the form of a safety lock-out capability directly at the component location thus minimizing the risk of electric shock to field personnel. Upon the completion of standardized training, each technician receives a personalized Superheat SmartCard™ which utilizes nearfield technology when swiped at the Superheat SmartPak™ to lock out power to designated components immediately. This puts the control over safety directly at the individual level and removes the need for staff to leave the work area to isolate the power of the equipment consoles. The swipe of this card to the SmartPak™ also indicates to our Panel Operators that they can safely start the heating process and the weld area is in a safe condition to proceed.

In addition to Superheat’s equipment and technology innovations, they utilize many other facets to bring safety to the forefront. Such as their SmartView digital project management and QA platform, which is also used as a hub for staff, providing instant access to all safety procedures and an area to exchange safety data for analysis. And finally, their safe work recognition program, SWAT – Safe Work Action Team, which promotes the ongoing safety involvement of employees through observations of their peers while they are performing work.

When asked to comment on this 4th year of Zero Recordable Injuries Sundip Bajaj, Superheat President, noted “On behalf of the Superheat Executive Team, I am incredibly proud and honored to speak on this incredible milestone, 4th Year of ZERO Recordable Injuries, that the Superheat Team has achieved.

When faced with any performance or production challenge versus taking the safe path – the results are clear – our Team takes pride in our safety-based culture and this achievement speaks volumes in our industry.

Every Superheat Team member should take a moment to recognize this phenomenal achievement! Our goal is always to Be Better and we are looking forward to a 5th year of success with our programs and safety-based culture.”

As Superheat begins a new year, they look forward to upholding this level of excellence and continuing to make Superheat the safest on-site heat treatment provider in the market.

To get an inside look at Superheat and its award-winning process, the Superheat SmartWay™, which encompasses their SmartCenter™, equipment, and SmartView digital QA/Management platform, please watch the video below.

on site heat treatment safety leaders accomplish 4th year of zero recordable injuries 4

To learn more about Superheat and their on-site heat treatment solutions please visit their website at For direct inquiries or to begin your next on-site heat treatment project send them an email at [email protected] or give them a call at 1.888.508.3226 and they will connect you with a representative in your region today.

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