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How DeReader can Change how your Company Operates

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DeReader allows you to store and share information with anyone no matter the distance. This mobile and desktop app offers a complete solution to on-site fieldwork and more. Eliminate paperwork from your life. Connect your physical assets to any accompanying documentation. Share it with anyone, anywhere.

how dereader can change how your company operates

Over 90% of businesses heavily rely on technology in their day-to-day operations. Top-level executives have stated that technology has increased operational efficiency, aided in consumer satisfaction and has increased revenues. In 2020, businesses saw a huge change in how workplaces operate. We have adopted various tools that make working remotely possible. There is no doubt that technology plays an integral part in our lives and has transformed how we work. So how can apps like DeReader change how your company operates?

Save Money and Time

DeReader was designed to help businesses save time and money by removing the need for paperwork. Mobile and desktop apps have saved small businesses over 700 million work hours per year. This is because it cuts down on wait times and allows for instantaneous access to information. With DeReader, all you need to do is point, scan and view. Your information is ready within seconds regardless of where in world you are.

Multiple uses across many industries

DeReader has been successfully implemented in various industries, from inventory management, insurance, construction, oil and gas, supply chain management, asset tracking, education and healthcare. The app is versatile and efficient, use it to keep track of inventory and assets, collaborate with your colleagues or share important information with clients and customers.

Many have also adopted using the app in their everyday lives:

  • Back up important documents on DeReader to ensure they are safe.
  • Sell your car online and include any necessary information in the DeReader QR Code.
  • Work on projects with classmates using DeReader.

Collaborate more effectively and increase productivity

On average, 14% of our work week revolves around communication and collaboration. Studies have shown that incorporating collaborative tools like DeReader can increase productivity by 20-25%. DeReader allows users to share information efficiently and with ease. Collaborate with colleagues online or in-person using the DeReader QR Code. Work at home, in the office or on the go with the versatile mobile and desktop app.

How it works:

how it works

View our ‘How to’ Guide:

Transform how your business operates! Increase productivity, collaboration and save on time and money when you use DeReader. Visit for more information!

Download DeReader through Apple’s App Store or on Google Play today:

app store@2x

google play@2x

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Title: Co-Founder
Phone: 403-575-0027
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