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New OpenTicket Mobile App Makes Job Validation Easier and Faster

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Since its 2016 launch, OpenTicket, which works seamlessly with OpenInvoice, has been instrumental in eliminating paper in the oilfield. By managing e-ticketing and invoicing on the same platform, operators shorten and streamline the service-to-invoice process, reducing mistakes and duplicate tickets and invoices. Currently, OpenTicket is used by more than 90 operators, with 7,500 suppliers submitting field tickets to the network. And using Enverus’ digital field ticketing solution is about to get easier.

Introducing OpenTicket Mobile

OpenTicket now offers even greater efficiency and time savings with the new OpenTicket Mobile app. Workers often work in remote areas or at unsupervised job sites. These locations often don’t have Wi-Fi, making it tough to stay connected. OpenTicket Mobile eliminates this issue with GPS coordinates and geofence proximities, automatically capturing details, such as job location and times, for suppliers. Before, OpenTicket connected the field to the office. OpenTicket Mobile takes this one step further with detailed views of routes and hours spent on the entire job.

otmobile 6sense 300x250 v5

Real-Time Tracking of Work Performed

During a job, GPS readings are recorded and matched to the ticket provided by the supplier. Geofencing, or associated physical coordinates to a service site (i.e. well, storage tank, gas plant, etc.), can also be used to confirm the service provider was close to the location.

The service company representative can pause the trip time and locations during a trip if needed. They can also enter appropriate job information related to the work done and attach backup documentation, including site pictures, to the field ticket. The ticket is validated in the supplier’s OpenTicket system before submission, ensuring all business requirements, such as mandatory data and coding, are supported.

new openticket mobile app makes job validation easier and faster

OpenTicket displays the trip summary, route details with time stamps and geofence information, making work time and route verification easy.

Save Time with Easy Ticket Validation

When the ticket is submitted for validation and approval, additional information is added to the ticket, including:

  1. The job route displayed in the ticket approval screen.
  2. The hours taken between the start and stop times of the job, minus any pause time.
  3. Serviced locations identified by geofencing.

Ticket details that match mobile data provided by the supplier can be quickly validated. Alerts signal approvers if the number of hours or service locations entered on the ticket don’t align with GPS and geofencing records. This allows you to switch to a manage by exception model for more time savings.


Creating Value for Operators and their Suppliers

OpenTicket Mobile Expands the Value of OpenTicket for both operators and their suppliers.

Save Time: With ticket validation that’s fast and easy, approvers only spend time following up on inaccurate tickets. This allows operations personnel to focus more time on their job, and less time chasing information on work performed. For suppliers, this means a faster cycle from ticket approval to invoicing.

Improve Spend Management: Ticket information comes in much faster for better spend insights and timely accruals.

Service Delivery Confirmation: Viewing and confirming routing and work performed at unmanned locations is much easier.

Get Started with OpenTicket Mobile

OpenTicket customers can provide OpenTicket Mobile to suppliers at no additional cost. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems. Buyers can determine which suppliers are required to use the application. Individual users are registered to the supplier, so field crews and drivers are identified through the application.

With the new mobile app, OpenTicket strengthens its value for for LOE and D&C operations. Operations teams in the field can turn more focus on maximizing production and managing job safety. Suppliers can leverage IoT technology to accurately track the work performed so they can focus on the work at hand.

Want to learn more about OpenTicket Mobile? Click here to explore the app.

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