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Superheat SmartWay™ – Your On-site Heat Treatment Solution

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At Superheat they strive to integrate remote operation technology and equipment advancements with digital project management and quality assurance platforms to produce the most efficient, state-of-the-art on-site heat treatment – the Superheat SmartWay™. Superheat continually shifts the ideology of what is possible within the on-site heat treatment industry to reduce costs, save time, minimize risk, and improve quality for some of the worlds most accredited oil and gas contractors & owners. Superheat focuses on the development of technology and field services specific to on-site heat treating including: weld preheating, post weld heat treating, degas, bake out, solution anneal, line thaws and a variety of other applications and procedures.

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Superheat’s SmartView™ app is the heartbeat of their digital project management and quality assurance platform, providing unmeasurable value to their clients, some of which are explained below:

Superheat’s customers repeatedly note project efficiency, quality documentation, and communication benefits from the implementation of SmartView across multiple disciplines on their jobsite. The SmartView™ platform enables Superheat to collect, organize, distribute, and execute all premobilization tasks, while contractors continue to leverage the document portal to the Superheat SmartCenter™ throughout the duration of the project. This streamlines the exchange of critical documentation and provides one source of the truth for all parties.

Facility owners repeatedly turn data from SmartView™ into knowledge so they and other contractors can make informed decisions on the critical next steps of their project. Clients can view and receive real-time project status notifications for such things as estimated cycle start and finish times, optional QA hold points, and have the ability to monitor Live Heat Cycle Charts.

Approved client quality personnel also have the opportunity to integrate with SmartView™ to optimize quality throughput and control the delivery method of Superheat SmartReports™ Quality packages. Offering them the ability and self-control to download cycle charts, Brinells, and other supporting documentation directly into their management systems.

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Sky Eye Measurement

The Superheat SmartCenter™ is the control hub for the entire heat treatment process, remotely operating on-site equipment to maximize field labor productivity which ultimately reduces cost to end users. The Technical Engineering department within the SmartCenter™ also provides the knowledge & design expertise necessary to efficiently set up and tear down treatment configurations in accordance with the clients procedures. Upon the completion of heat treatment set-up, the control room operators then manage equipment and thus heat cycles via a patented remote process. This ensures the on-site labor force is optimized and quality is maximized. The Quality Assurance division then reviews that heat treatment specifications are met and then uploads Superheat SmartReports™ to Superheat SmartView™ for download by client representatives. Therefore, dramatically reducing idle time on document turnover so contractors can move onto the next steps on their project.

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Superheat pulls upon decades of client feedback to manufacture best in class heat treatment equipment that far exceeds industry standards of capacity & footprint. Continual investment in research and development ensures their clients are receiving the most advanced heat treatment equipment with the highest safety certifications in the industry. Superheat understands clients are pressured to do more with less, so it is their commitment to design and manufacture equipment that maximizes output while minimizing valuable space to your project.

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To learn more about Superheat and their on-site heat treatment solutions please visit their website at For direct inquires or to begin your next on-site heat treatment project send them an email at [email protected] or give them a call at 1.888.508.3226 and they will connect you with a representative in your region.

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