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Upstream, midstream, and downstream, the Verax’s patented NIR optical technology provides real-time measurements, requires no sampling or filtering and has no moving parts – all resulting in longer life and lower maintenance costs.

More Data – Less Maintenance

With no sample system requirements JP3’s Verax system provides real-time liquid and gas measurements with almost zero downtime.

Maximize Efficiency & Profits

Stop paying penalties, maximize production all with a low maintenance low operating cost solution.

Real-time compositional and physical property analysis allow operations to maximize performance, optimize productivity and increase profits – join us and ASK us how this technology can increase overall efficiency for your facility, along with its quick ROI.

The Verax CTX is a Near InfraRed analyzer specifically designed for the oil & gas industry. Accurate analysis of Natural Gas or liquids to obtain hydrocarbon composition, Vapor Pressure, BTU, API Gravity, etc. Significant improvements in measurement speed, quality, repeatability, stability, and reliability, even in the most harsh of environments, allows for real-time measurement and control. The Verax flow cell is installed in-line at process temperature and pressure, meaning no conditioning is necessary. The flow cell connects to the analyzer with single pair fiber optic cables, and so the analyzer can be located as near or far from the process as necessary. The Verax analyzer produces no emissions and requires no carrier gases, reducing initial and lifetime costs. Verax analyzers have eliminated drift along with field maintenance/calibration. Easy integration into existing plant networks and systems, and 24/7 monitoring online with JP3’s Viper portal.

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