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The Oilfield Supply Chain is Stuck in 1985 – Rig CallOut

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Stuck in the 80s Social Image

Oilfield, your supply chain is inefficient and broken because it is outdated. You still fax paperwork or receive faxed documents. You still hand-write some of your orders and receive handwritten trucking sheets. You still call a dispatcher to check in on the delivery. You still wait for the original of a BOL to arrive back to you. Just like those who came before you did in 1985.

How many other things in your life are just like they were in 1985? (If you were even alive then). Not many. Imagine how difficult things would be if you still only had a home phone, antenna TV, or a camera with film and disposable flash cubes. Or if you still had to two-day air or OVERNIGHT important documents so they’d get there quickly instead of emailing them.

But we digress, you get the point. Your supply chain is, “like totally,” inefficient because it is working within an incredibly old framework – which is being sternly protected by “that’s the way we’ve always done it, and we don’t have the time or resources to change it.”

Sure, you’ve updated some things. You use email. You send texts. But the big stuff – you are still doing it the most inefficient way possible.

You invest a lot of resources in qualifying your supply chain. But you invest almost ZERO resources in making it visible.

See how Rig CallOut is using new Internet of Supply Chain technology. It’s time for companies to get out of the 80’s and into the 21st century!

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