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The Future of Industrial Cleaning – Young Group of Companies

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Safety, quality, environmental management, and efficiency have always been the main concerns when it comes to industrial cleaning.  The days of sending large crews into dangerous confined spaces  for extended periods of time are swiftly coming to an end. As the industry rapidly changes due to incredible advances in technology, it is time to move ahead with something new. It’s time to move ahead with a truly intelligent tank cleaning process. Automated, intelligent cleaning systems have replaced the bulky, problematic equipment of the past and Young Group of Companies has invested in being on the cutting edge of the industry. Using our innovative systems, it is possible for us to completely clean a tank from debulk to final cleaning without ever putting a person inside. Our lightweight systems are small and intelligent enough to be set up and operated with an extremely small crew, reducing overhead and exponentially increasing safety.

Young Group of Companies is constantly investing in researching and developing new technology to be able to support our industry with the most cutting edge equipment. It’s time to leave the archaic methods for industrial cleaning in the past. With computerized, intelligent, zero entry methods, we are eliminating the need to send people into dangerous equipment. We are also reducing the time equipment must be offline and increasing profit both by reducing down time and also through waste management systems that separate product from solids and cutter stock. This process returns product to pipeline spec, returns the cutter stock, and significantly reduces the waste for disposal. There is no longer a need to haul mass amounts of waste for disposal and lose the recoverable product and cutter stock in the process.

Minimizing the amount of time any piece of equipment is offline is critical. But it is also critical that all equipment is constantly working at full capacity . Debulking a tank is a crucial, sometimes lengthy step in the cleaning process. What if this step could be done without taking the tank offline? The Live Injection Recovery system allows for a tank to be debulked completely online. The system injects a cutter stock but removes it at such a rate that it will not upset the contents of the tank and both the cutter stock and any dislodged solids are removed immediately, posing no risk to the product in the tank. This process allows not just for an online debulking phase at the time of a complete tank clean, maintenance, and inspections, but also means that any tank that is not working to the best of its capabilities due to build up of solids can be debulked at any point in time without needing a full scale tank cleaning. This means that any tank that is not working optimally, can be debulked at any point in time without needing a full scale tank cleaning ensuring peak operational efficiency.

It’s time for something new. It’s time to change the way we have been approaching industrial  cleaning. It’s time to implement intelligent industrial cleaning that dramatically increases safety, reduces crew sizes and environmental impact, and saves time, money, and product.


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