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Streamline Control reveals the driving force to keeping your organization ahead of the curve: analytical data technologies

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Analytical intelligence systems are the key to unlocking the data to drive your business forward.

CALGARY, October 13, 2021 — In today’s fast changing world, leaders are pressed to do more with existing or even less resources. This means, finding efficiencies in the current systems and processes through innovative approaches. Streamline Control, an Alberta-based company leading in industrial internet of things (IIoT) technology, explains that having the right access and insights to your analytical data assets is the driving force behind any successful organization.

There are two types of data in an organization: operational data which is created from an organization’s day to day operations and analytical data which is the operational data used to make business decisions. Furthermore, operational data systems consist of transactional data and are built for quick updates. Whereas analytical data systems are tools that digest the operational data and translate them into meaningful analysis to inform better decision making.

Having the right analytical data system allows organizations to access and draw insights from their operational data which play a significant role in making the right decisions to turn marginal growth into exponential growth. In a mature industry such as oil and gas, many are still using outdated tools and technology which created data siloes. As a result, by the time the right data gets to the decision makers, they are either outdated or irrelevant.  This lack of access results in detrimental effects on the organization and the risks are too high to ignore. There is a dire need to modernize, bridge, and enable operational data technology to maintain a competitive edge against competitors.

Streamline works with clients to break down the walls between the field and boardroom to cultivate real-time data to ensure accurate insights that support intelligently informed decision-making across the business and ultimately drive success. Streamline builds future-proofed systems to allow organizations tap into their current data. Having this access to the right data puts business leaders in a position of power to drive growth.

“At Streamline, we have experts not only in Operational Data technologies like OSISoft, but experts in the control and communication operational processes,” states Jeremiah Hannley, Chief Technology Officer at Streamline. “We will give your team a complete picture of your operational ecosystem. Together, we can help you support, architect and enhance your current Operational Data systems. The most important thing is to be proactive now to secure a better position for your business tomorrow.”

About Streamline Control 

Streamline Control was founded in May of 2011, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With years of expertise and experience, Streamline provides an industry leading delivery methodology in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions for the energy, utilities and manufacturing sectors.


Contact: Catherine Lee-Hannley
Streamline Control
Media Relations
[email protected]

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