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Make or break it: digital transformation deemed essential in business world

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Digital transformation is crucial when shooting for success in today’s world.

Countless companies have been severely impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, companies are faced with increasing pressures globally with uncertainties in regulations, fluctuations in global economic climate and low oil prices are forcing companies to think outside the box. Now more than ever, companies are pushed to change the way they do business. Transformation is crucial to surviving in this new world, as well as to drive efficiencies and improvements.

Streamline Control, an Alberta-based company known for their expertise in the industrial automation space, announced today their rebranding and introduction of brand-new services, helping companies achieve transformative changes through technology, operational data and communications services.

Digital transformation is becoming a buzzword – what does it actually mean? “We believe business [digital] transformation is a holistic process,” explains Matt Devine, Streamline Control’s CEO. “A successful transformation requires fundamental changes in the operations of a business, and we know that data and technology drive this [transformation].”

“We are excited to expand our services and offer digital transformation opportunities to unlock value and capitalize on existing resources,” says Peter Boyle, founder and Chief Operating Officer at Streamline. “We know that we cannot stand still in this industry; the demands from our clients are constantly moving, so we must also transform ourselves and build on our strengths.”

Transformation is hard, and digital ones are even harder. In a 2018 McKinsey Global Survey, more than 80% of respondents say their organizations have undertaken digital transformation efforts in the past five years, however only less than 30% succeed at improving a company’s performance and maintaining it. In more traditional industries, such as oil and gas, automotive, infrastructure, and pharmaceuticals, digital transformations are even more challenging: success rates fall to between 4 and 11 percent. Most digital transformations do not maintain momentum. This failure rate is due to the lack of clear directions: well-defined strategies, strong understanding of the transformation process, appropriate technology and roadmaps, and ultimately, shortfall in delivery.

Digital transformation is a great challenge, yet inevitable in today’s business world for any company that intends to survive the ever-evolving future. Streamline’s expertise in guiding transformative changes and their unbroken track records in successful deliveries of advanced industrial solutions and technologies is essential in driving business growth.

Start your transformation journey with us. Let’s talk.

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