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The Reacxion Nano Degradable Frac Plug Provides Stellar Performance In Debris, Deformed And Regular Casing

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The Reacxion Nano Degradable Frac Plug Provides Stellar Performance In Debris, Deformed And Regular Casing 1

Over the course of a year, Steelhaus collaborated with its industry partners and their in-house New Product Development team to create the now field proven and remarkably reliable ReacXion Nano Frac Plug. Their singular goal: vastly improve degradable plug performance in deformed and debris laden casing.   In addition, the new line of ReacXion Plugs have been engineered with a substantial reduction in size and metal content while drastically increasing reliability in wells where traditionally plugs have failed.  Further, ReacXion Nano plugs now include both ball drop and ball in place options within the same platform.

Steelhaus has an impressive footprint with multiple facilities across Southern, Central and Northern Alberta.  Surpassing 200,000 sq ft of engineering, testing and manufacturing capacity, Steelhaus works closely with their valued clients and industry partners to consistently improve performance with each new generation of dissolvable plug. Not only are they industry pioneers, they continue to lead the market in advanced MultiStage Completions Tools.

Steelhaus along with their industry partners have completed over 25,000 stages using the ReacXion Dissolvable plug technology.  In just a few short years they have penetrated and captured significant market share, making them true industry leaders in Canada’s plug market.

Steelhaus Frac plugs offer the following advantages:

  • Ball in place or ball drop can be determined on location, allowing perfect flexibility with frac programs.
    • ReacXion’s proprietary coating allows the plug to be set in position up to 8 hours prior to stimulation.
    • The design allows for maximum fluid velocity past the element minimizing swabbing of the elastomer. This feature allows speeds in excess of 200meters/min (650feet/min) run times without risking premature setting or damage to the plug.
    • Differentiating it from current plug technology, ReacXion Nano was specifically designed with casing ovalities in mind.  Built from the ground up to set in deformations with individual fingers that conform to the casing, the Nano provides maximum grip and ultimate isolation for the most demanding scenarios.


Don’t let its small size fool you. The Nano was engineered to be tough as nails to meet any completion head on – including those with ovalities. A key challenge facing some of Steelhaus’ industry partners has been plug performance in deformed (ovalized) casing and debris. The ReacXion Nano has been engineered precisely to address this issue.  The plug offers independent slip movement during setting procedures and provides even setting force distribution to each slip.  The result: superior grip and element expansion to the casing regardless of debris or casing deformation.

The Reacxion Nano Degradable Frac Plug Provides Stellar Performance In Debris, Deformed And Regular Casing 2


What is Bimodal degradation? Simply stated, it refers to years of research testing both dissolvable coatings and plug material, to create the perfect synergy between both plug and coating which ultimately delivers the most reliable plug dissolution on time, every time.

ReacXion’s proprietary coatings delay degradation during plug pump down and fracture operations, resulting in enhanced reliability and performance. Coatings were specifically formulated to address conditions present in a variety of wells, from high pressure, salinity and temperature to low salinity fresh water wells and everything in-between.  The coatings are designed to break down at a specific time, allowing the plug body to dissolve fully, rapidly creating an open bore for full production. The ReacXion Nano is unique.  It contains less than one quarter the material of standard pump down plugs, offering reliable degradation while decreasing production wait times.

The Reacxion Nano Degradable Frac Plug Provides Stellar Performance In Debris, Deformed And Regular Casing 3



ReacXion’s design combines Steelhaus’ expandable liner hanger and conventional pump down plug technologies. The plug utilizes the casing to provide 360 degree strength and support. The load is transferred from the ball to the ball seat, through the slips and onto the casing. Pressure exerted on the ball during stimulation continues to reinforce the integrity of the tool’s seal, forming a tighter seal as pressure is increased.

The Reacxion Nano Degradable Frac Plug Provides Stellar Performance In Debris, Deformed And Regular Casing 4


Steelhaus is serious about testing.  In fact, the company has dedicated more than 50,000 sq ft to state of the art testing facilities.  They have tested over 2,000 material coupons and upwards of 50 coatings to gain a comprehensive understanding of how degradable materials perform in the wellbore environment. Using these learnings, Steelhaus optimized the design and materials of each ReacXion plug to ensure degradation at the desired time. Each test is scientific and calculated, designed to mimic wellbore conditions with varying temperature, salinity and pressures. To further ensure field reliability, all degradable materials undergo ultrasonic examination for internal defects, batch level degradation and measurement of mechanical properties to ensure each and every plug performs exactly to design specifications.

The Reacxion Nano Degradable Frac Plug Provides Stellar Performance In Debris, Deformed And Regular Casing 5


All Steelhaus plugs go through stringent testing and qualification, not only during development but throughout the life of the product.  Steelhaus’ extensive testing facilities provide their clients the opportunity to run precise tests based on operator feedback or the unique requirements of a specific well.  Testing is comprehensive and extensive, encompassing the life of the plug from shipping to location, running downhole, passing through cross overs and other ID changes, plug setting, wireline pull out, fracturing and degradation.

It is noteworthy to point out these tests are performed on a single plug from beginning to end, not only accounting for extreme well conditions, but also Max and Min ID, Max and Min Temperature and Maximum Rated Salinity. Destructive testing ascertains and corrects potential weaknesses while component level and dissolution testing ensure each plug performs as expected during frac operations.

In order for ReacXion Nano to be qualified and released, it must pass:

  • Flow by test to simulate plug pump down
  • Plug pulled across ID changes to simulate cross overs and casing deformation
  • Pre-Test exposure of 3 hours in fluid, temperature, pressure and salinity before setting the plug simulating running in hole.
  • Exposure testing for 4 hours in fluid, temperature and pressure prior to pressure testing simulating pulling out of hole with wireline and waiting for frac.
  • Pressure testing the plug for 5 hours at a variety of pressures and temperatures within the casing size limits for each weight range.
    • Max API Casing ID at Max Temperature and Max Pressure
    • Min API Casing ID at Max Temperature and Max Pressure
    • Max API Casing ID at Min Temperature and Max Pressure
      • Post pressure test, the casing is cut and plug inspected as part of the qualifications


Steelhaus New Product Development team consists of an extraordinary mix of highly qualified engineers and a testing facility utilizing the most advanced and comprehensive testing equipment and methods available.  A leading-edge coatings facility and massive manufacturing footprint has allowed the company complete control over aspect of tool development, from design to delivery. Over the years Steelhaus has committed enormous resources in it’s facilities, systems and people, with a no compromise attitude woven through every aspect of their manufacturing process.  Steelhaus has tapped into and created a strategy for success which has allowed the company to consistently provide the utmost in operational excellence whilst providing an international market with exceptional products at a reasonable cost.

The Reacxion Nano Degradable Frac Plug Provides Stellar Performance In Debris, Deformed And Regular Casing 6

To learn more about our line of ReacXion Nano Frac Plugs and market leading solutions contact Steelhaus Technologies Inc.

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