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Cenozon: The Impact of Automation & Digitization on the Pipeline Industry

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Impact of Digitization & Automation - Cenozon 1

The pipeline industry is unique in that every decision is overwhelmed with relevant data. Each network of pipeline includes thousands of ever-changing variables – from on-site equipment to employees. Keeping track of thousands of evolving data points using a paper-based report system is time consuming and error prone. In an industry in which a single cluster of data can drastically impact the integrity of a line if not dealt with quickly, time is of the essence. The delay caused by an outdated, analog system only puts further strain on operators and managers alike. Having a fully integrated workflow and reporting system reduces risk by increasing efficiency. Building and maintaining a digital database, rather than a cumbersome paper-based system, initiates fast and well-informed decision-making.


One of the goals of any business should be to continuously improve and to optimize the means by which they do business. Streamlined businesses practices means reducing time spent on menial tasks as well as reducing human error in manual processes. If greater efficiency directly correlates to the profit margin, then it is always in the best interest of an organization to invest in improving their systems and structure. Market Research firm IDC stated that organizations lose 20-30% of revenue every year due to inefficient processes [1]. The most difficult aspect in streamlining a business is finding the bottlenecks impacting workflow, and then creating a solution to resolve them.

Digitization allows employees to spend significantly more time on productive tasks. Each year employees spend 20-40% of their time searching for documents manually [2].  This can result in substantial, and potentially compounding, human error. Going paperless is not only practical and inexpensive but can drastically improve production and reduce error. Furthermore, business digitization and automation are the most effective and broadly applicable means of optimizing process without sacrificing efficiencies in other areas or departments. “Businesses that have automated workflows for repetitive and manual tasks have successfully increased employee productivity by 12-15%” [2]. In tandem with this increase in productivity is a significant decrease in human error. “Human error is to blame for 90% of workplace accidents.” [3] Time is not only recovered by automating tasks, but by negating any additional problems that may have occurred from manually performing the task.

Impact of Digitization & Automation - Cenozon 3


Digitization ultimately boils down to a couple of key features. The term itself is broad but the most significant characteristics are streamlining operations, automating menial tasks, and evolving from a paper-based system. These three objectives make up the foundation of the FIND application. One of the most difficult processes in streamlining a given set of tasks is deciding which to automate. Cenozon has filtered industry processes and automated the most significant bottlenecks and tasks, making it not only effective but widely applicable. Tasks such as finding and organizing documents and inspection reports are grossly inefficient. Through FIND all photos, field notes, and inspection data are all seamlessly synced together. Other tasks include locating assets for inspection using GIS technology in order to make round-trip inspections far smoother. Rather than using maps to look for onsite assets or equipment, the FIND app acts as a complete navigation system accurate up to a meter. With small and gradual changes, the aggregate efficiency of an individual line or network vastly increases. Many modern businesses are extremely effective at collecting data while few have the capacity to organize it into usable information. From a digitized system not only is data gathering optimized but so is the organization of the data. All workflows for pigging, valves, equipment etc. are prioritized and organized into a cloud-based database. After collecting and categorizing a plethora of information, the app develops it into easily readable and in-depth dashboard. In an industry still using 1950’s techniques and 1980’s technology it is critical for the industry as a whole to catch up. Digitization has vastly improved efficiency in other industries for decades, and now a product which is user friendly and pipeline oriented is prepared to bridge the divide.

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