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Engineering advancements deliver high stage count completion system for optimal stimulation treatments and increased production

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StackFRAC Image 1

Gradual improvements in drilling and completion technology have enabled operators to increase lateral lengths and stage counts, and decrease stage spacing to attain greater reservoir coverage.

Packers Plus is a leading innovator of these improvements in multi-stage completion systems and the latest iteration of the StackFRAC® system was specifically designed to provide high stage count completions. This field-proven ball-activated completion system also enables optimal treatment rates by reducing wellbore ID restrictions compared to previous versions of the system.

The new StackFRAC HD-X multi-stage system was engineered with ball seat increments exceeding the industry standard of 1/16-in. and can now be designed with increments as small as 1/40-in. This advancement enables operators to maximize their reservoir coverage by running completion systems with up to 100 stages.

“Several producers have successfully implemented the StackFRAC HD-X multi-stage system into their completion programs by targeting assets that are optimally developed with stage counts in the 50-72 range,” says Rob Oberhofer, Global Technical Advisor with Packers Plus. “Additionally, the ball seat advancements incorporated into the StackFRAC HD-X system are compatible for both open hole and cemented well completions.”

By increasing the ID of the completion system with smaller ball seat increments, operators can achieve the optimal pump rate for their stimulation program – even at the toe of the well. Depending on the well parameters, these multi-stage completion systems can be designed with a 2-in. ball seat being the smallest seat at the toe of the well.

“While an increased wellbore ID benefits the stimulation program, it also reduces operational risk by enabling easier access to the toe of the well during well interventions – either during stimulation or throughout the life of the well,” notes Oberhofer.

Sky Eye Measurement

Packers Plus has worked with several operators and the latest version of StackFRAC HD-X has been deployed in both the Montney and Duvernay formations. To date, more than 1,000 sleeves have been successfully installed, shifted and stimulated in Western Canada.

StackFRAC X-Ray Image

This next generation system combines proprietary erosion protection with a fully integrated QA/QC process to verify manufacturing precision that ensures each activation ball will land on its corresponding ball seat.

Packers Plus

For more than 20 years, Packers Plus has provided field-proven lower completion solutions designed to provide higher production and cost-effective operations. StackFRAC HD-X is a result of continuous innovation and built on a field-proven system that has resulted in more than 300,000 ball-activated sleeve shifts worldwide.

For more information about Packers Plus’s innovative completion solutions, visit

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