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Multi-Well Fiber Optic Project Awarded: GEO PSI + SILIXA – Learn More Here

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We are proud to announce that along with our partner Silixa we have been awarded a multi-well fiber optic project by Petronas Energy Canada Ltd.

Petronas Energy Canada Ltd. has awarded GEO PSI and our partner Silixa a multi-well fiber optic project. Silixa will provide their advanced fiber solutions in all the wells, and we here at GEO PSI will install and provide our GEOQ multi-gauge pressure & temperature Quartz gauges.

This will be the largest installation of Silixa’s Carina Sensing technology in Canada to date. Silixa will provide their complete fracture treatment monitoring and production monitoring for the life of the project.

GEOQ Gauges

geoq web 200x300

GEOQ 125

geoq web 200x300 (1)

GEOQ 177

Learn More About GEO PSI Here

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