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Can Precise Emission Quantification Aid Industry in Achieving Net-Zero Emissions?

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can precise emission quantification aid industry in achieving net zero emissions

Ventbuster Instruments has gained a comprehensive understanding of emission characteristics through extensive testing on surface casing vents, leaking wells, and various hydrocarbon vents in Western Canada and the United States. This knowledge is crucial as the energy industry strives to achieve “net-zero” emissions by 2050. With their technology, the Ventbuster® providing continuous and unrestricted point-source emissions quantification, impactful progress can be made towards this goal.

For Industry to make informed and purposeful decisions in reducing methane emissions, it is essential to establish a true baseline of venting emissions. Conventional methods like positive displacement, differential pressure, or mass flow metering devices often fall short in dispensing the necessary precision, repeatability, auditability, and defensibility for point-source quantification. Ventbuster Instruments overcomes these limitations by enabling accurate measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that were once deemed immeasurable.

The Ventbuster® captures a continuous digital flow signal, which is transmitted in real-time to Ventbuster Instruments’ IoT platform. This compilation of data equips stakeholders and regulators with the correct source data, facilitating meaningful analysis. Insightful data encourages Industry to open a dialogue around the re-evaluation of current emission mitigation measures, regulations, and an acceptable ultra-low emission allowance, urging industries and regulators to explore alternative strategies and avoid unnecessary environmental impacts.

During the recent PTAC Methane Leadership Summit, Rob Layher, CEO of Ventbuster Instruments, shed light on the environmental consequences of conventional surface casing vent flow repair operations. During his presentation he raised questions about the justification for deploying an extensive array of equipment and personnel, including service rigs, cased-hole wireline units, cementing bulkers, water trucks, vac trucks, diesel generators, and light-duty pickups, and the like, all of which emit harmful gases to mitigate what is often considered a minute methane leak..

Startling statistics were presented, revealing that service rigs alone could readily emit upwards of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per day, while light-duty trucks emit approximately 268 grams of CO2e per mile, not to mention the heavy-duty diesel equipment. All combined, the pollutants and emissions into the atmosphere from such mitigation should be balanced against shutting down “ultra-low” emissions from surface casing vents. Now that Industry and Regulators can accurately quantify emissions, there is a scientific platform to evaluate the negative impact of mitigation weighted against the negative impact of the vent flow.

Rob also highlighted the limitations of bubble cup testing or using micro-mass flow meters which often leads to false positive or false negative vent flow readings. An internal study conducted by Ventbuster Instruments compared Ventbuster® meter flow rates to bubble testing, demonstrating the meter’s superior accuracy in measuring these “bubbles”. The study further identified various ambient and environmental factors that influence vent flow, such as barometric pressure fluctuations, solar/radiant heating or cooling, wind effects, and relative humidity.

The Ventbuster® meter offers the only precise, repeatable, auditable, and defendable point-source quantification of vented emissions to atmosphere, playing a crucial role in establishing scientifically proven baselines of low-level emission tolerance from well leaks. Accurate emissions measurement is vital for driving progress in reducing methane emissions, particularly at lower levels.

Ventbuster Instruments remains committed to advancing smarter environmental practices and providing a clear pathway to achieving Net-Zero emissions. The Ventbuster® meter enables the collection of reliable data, stimulating meaningful dialogue about the true net environmental impact of current emissions mitigation strategies. After all, the objective is “Net-Zero” emissions not “Zero” emissions.

For more information about Ventbuster Instruments and their revolutionary Ventbuster® meter, please visit their website at or contact them at [email protected].

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