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ENERGY INNOVATION MONTH FEATURE: ComboCurve is Dominating; Why Should You Care?

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We sat down with James MacDonald, VP of Business Development at ComboCurve, to learn more about the fastest growing technology company in the energy industry. ComboCurve has made waves across the industry since its launch–mid-pandemic–in May of 2020. How did a pandemic startup get to where it is today?

What is the ComboCurve story? 

James MacDonald – The co-founders of ComboCurve, Armand Paradis and Jeremy Gottlieb had no choice in their previous roles but to use inefficient legacy applications that have been around for a long time to evaluate and manage their assets. This led to investigating if there was anything better. After finding out the answer was “no,” they decided to build their own software.

Sounds like ComboCurve has had a lot of success in a short period of time.

The quick success certainly exceeded our early expectations. We have over 200 companies using ComboCurve today, most of whom have come on board in the past 18 months. Our goal is to be the common language spoken across the energy space. This means it is important that the platform is used across all disciplines – upstream, midstream, services, financial – which it is!

What does ComboCurve do better than the industry standard? 

The sheer force of ComboCurve’s forecasting capabilities draws a lot of people to our software. Couple that with a great type curve tool that can automatically apply denormalization to future well locations. Then, run detailed economic cash flows on all possible scenarios in minutes. Doing all of the above as fast as ComboCurve does all in one place just doesn’t exist anywhere else. We’re incredibly responsive to the industry and the needs of our customers. You’ve never experienced customer support like this, where you get tickets answered in less than ten minutes.

What is coming with this software in the future? 

We will continue to innovate on top of what ComboCurve is now, the core if you will. To complement this, we have allocated significant resources in response to the need for a GHG Reporting and Modeling tool. With the new requirements soon to become a reality in the US and Canada, we see ourselves being able to create a standard in making sense of all this information and provide a tool that considers this when making field development decisions.

How does ComboCurve plan to achieve these goals? 

Our team is 120 people strong now, the majority being our phenomenal development team. This means feedback from customers has and always will drive the product and how it evolves. On top of that, we recently closed our Series B funding at $50 million, which gives us the ability to seek out the best talent in the industry and hire them. We continue to be aggressive with bringing in the best talent we can find to keep building what our customers have come to expect from us. Our team is everything.

About ComboCurve 

ComboCurve, the fastest growing technology company in the energy industry, is a cloud-based analytics and operating platform for many of the world’s largest energy companies. The platform unlocks the power of its clients’ data with sophisticated software to forecast and report the performance of energy assets and run scenarios with thousands of assumptions in a matter of minutes.

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