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5 Ways Attending the EVOLVE Conference Will Elevate Your Energy Business Strategy

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By Enverus

The energy industry is feeling pressure from all sides — from a growing demand for energy diversification and a focus on production levels fueled by geopolitical events, to price inflation driving up costs while investors stand firm on their demand for capital discipline and more free cash flow. The stakes have never been higher than right now.

This year’s EVOLVE Conference, hosted by Enverus, takes place April 25-27 and offers the rare opportunity to immerse yourself in three days of knowledge sharing, discussions and exposure to new technologies that will equip you with new ideas on how your business can plan for change, exceed investors’ expectations, lower opex and streamline operations.

Here are the top five reasons you should attend EVOLVE 2022:

1. Learn new ways to de-risk investment decisions and optimize capital to maximize asset ROI

While M&A will remain an important part of overall business strategy for many, gone are the days of land rush activity that occurred between 2010-2018. Market maturation combined with constrained capital has caused operators to shift their focus to developing and optimizing existing assets.

Maximizing returns on these assets requires advanced analytics and current market intelligence so you can de-risk decisions and optimize every step of the asset lifecycle: evaluation, purchase, initial design, development, execution and monitoring. The EVOLVE agenda includes several sessions that explore methods and new ideas to apply to your own asset development and optimization strategy. Sessions such as “Get Ahead of Price Changes With Should-Cost Modeling” and “Price Inflation’s Impact on Economic Activity,” provide insight and ideas to counteract rising inflation in the oilfield and improve capital management. Other sessions, such as “The Secret Sauce: Ingredients for Upstream Asset Development, Optimize Your Asset by Integrating Proprietary Data” and “Measuring Out the Last Leg,” address new solutions to optimize other phases of the asset lifecycle. At EVOLVE, you will find solutions for better asset evaluation, design, development, operations execution and optimization.

2. Expand your knowledge, no matter where you play in the energy space

Our industry is an ecosystem of businesses that combine their expertise, working together to extract resources from the ground, harness the power of wind and water or capture sunlight to bring affordable energy to the world. EVOLVE offers informational sessions that can help you develop your specific expertise further, whether you manage a minerals portfolio, run drilling and completions, or transport oil and gas to refineries.

OFS and midstream professionals curious about their role in the power and renewables landscape can check out “Energy Evolution for All: OFS & Midstream in Power & Renewables.” Other sessions, such as “A Conversation: The Future With Storage, Alternative Ways To Monitor Field Activity” and “Mineral Valuations: An Analytics-Intensive Approach,” are just a few examples of how EVOLVE spans the energy value chain.

3. Gain in-depth understanding of how ESG and renewables will shape the future of energy

EVOLVE offers numerous sessions on the topic that is top of mind for everyone in our industry. In the session “Four Forces of the Energy Evolution,” our analysts will discuss how political, consumer, investor and microeconomics are driving the energy evolution and provide an overview of this complex topic, so you’ll be prepared to navigate the future of renewables. Other sessions build on this critical topic, including the two-part series “Responsible Sourcing: ESG & Risk in Supplier Sourcing” and “From RFx to Contract Award, Renewable Project Finance: What Matters?,” “Picking the Winners: The Renewable Project Pipeline and Energy Evolution for All: OFS and Midstream in Power and Renewables.

4. Get the knowledge you need to plan your path forward

Several market forces have converged in the energy industry at one time. To create a sustainable business strategy that paves the way for long-term success, it is critical that energy professionals understand the implications of these forces on our industry now and in the future.  Sessions led by Enverus analysts and other industry thought leaders will paint a picture of the road ahead, so you better understand how to respond. For example, the session, “Global Energy Perspective 2022 – How Energy Demand Will Evolve to 2050,” led by Luciano Di Fiori, a partner at McKinsey & Company, will provide the latest long-term energy outlook that examines recovery from COVID-19 and the long-term effects triggered the perfect storm of shifts in technology, regulation changes, evolving consumer preferences and investor sentiment.

5. You don’t know what you don’t know … until you attend EVOLVE

There are forces influencing our industry beyond geopolitics and investors that you should know about but don’t know about … yet. This is another reason to attend EVOLVE.

We’ll dig into these questions:

  • How will satellite technology change how we track global emissions?
  • What actually changed after the unprecedented winter storm that occurred deep in the heart of Texas? How will these changes impact power markets in the future?
  • Can we eliminate both energy poverty and net carbon emissions?

Sessions including “Eyes in the Sky: How Satellite Technology Will Change the Game, ERCOT: What has Changed?” and “Super-Spiked: ESG 2.0 & Energy Transition Framework” are just some examples of valuable content featured at EVOLVE 2022 that will provide you with new knowledge and perspectives.

So, you shouldn’t be asking yourself, “Why should I attend EVOLVE?” The real question is, “Why wouldn’t I attend EVOLVE?”

We hope you can join us for this once-a-year opportunity where we bring together our network of experts to share critical energy insights. After two years of powering the world while maintaining physical distance, EVOLVE provides a chance for us to enjoy each other’s company face-to-face, to reconnect with peers, trade knowledge and learn. Ultimately, as we face the road ahead, we know we are better and stronger together.

Click here to view EVOLVE’s full agenda and register.

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