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Spend Less Time on Managing Data and More Time on Managing Projects – Matidor

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spend less time on managing data and more time on managing projects matidor

Time management is not a new concept; however, in certain situations, it can become too complex and much harder to manage than we initially planned. Time estimation for managing business activities and projects is highly dependent on the number of involved variables. The more essential variables in a specific situation, the more time is needed to oversee each variable and its driven effects on the whole picture. For projects dealing with extraction and field activities (with mega variables), the ability to connect the dots and make rapid decisions can be crucial for finishing these projects with success.

Spend less time on managing data, spend more time on managing projects

Let us start this note with the conclusion, you are bombarded with information from this article, and you have limited time to decide between reading or passing quickly. Thus, an insight can help you optimize your decision on reading, passing, saving this post for later or even sharing it.

The above paragraph aims to simulate a situation where you manage projects in oil & gas or any field-related services- when you have to deal with an enormous amount of scattered data to meet the deliverables at the right time. Matidor, on the other hand, acts as the conclusion in this situation.

Focusing on the time limitation as one of the core challenges of project management in the oil and gas industry, adding new software to the workflow may immediately be perceived as an additional headache. While this argument is fair, it is not the case for Matidor.

When you see Matidor’s intuitive dashboard for the first time, you can notice its ultimate simplicity right away, especially for non-technical users. Use your implicit knowledge to interact with your team on the Matidor platform, including regular symbols on social media to communicate with your team. For instance, You can use @ to refer your comment to a specific person or # to point out an area on the map. This familiarity of interaction allows users to make easier and faster decisions.

spend less time on managing data and more time on managing projects matidor 1

Say goodbye to data entry on multiple platforms

The intuitiveness of our software does not drive the most significant portion of time-saving when your organization uses Matidor. Conversely, it is Matidor’s powerful platform that is compatible with any data in your projects (including financial and geospatial). Put it another way, Matidor centralizes your data entirely on just one platform and gives you real-time updates. Therefore, you and your team can finally say goodbye to data entry on multiple platforms, meaning that you can also find the data you are looking for on one platform. Besides, it empowers your team to stay connected to the latest update on your project(s) even if your colleagues are not available or on vacation.

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Regarding the remarkable benefits of having unlimited users, as mentioned in our last note, you can instantly share data across multiple stakeholders. Let the internal and external parties you work with see and contribute to your projects via their accounts. Share your projects with them and collectively deep dive into critical project components to optimize your human resources.

When your whole team is busy, and hiring is difficult, you can remove the pressures of daunting tasks and to-do lists from your team and help them stay organized by using Matidor. The aggregate benefits of the mentioned features will help you save time significantly during the project’s lifecycle and remain efficient.

The pandemic challenged businesses’ creativity worldwide and revealed that there are other solutions to get a job done. While the notion of remote working at the beginning of the pandemic was unacceptable for some, many found it even more comfortable than the traditional forms. Similarly, we believe Matidor is a game-changer software. It allows you to manage your location-based project differently, which is easier and much more efficient.

If you are in a situation where you find yourself overwhelmed and time is always an issue, please consider the following: If the end goal is to meet someone as quickly as possible at a destination, would you take a 10-minute drive or a 3-hour walk?

Lastly, we offer a quick demo because we believe time matters. Feel free to read into our case study; many of our current clients have found how using a platform like Matidor can significantly save themselves time managing their projects.

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