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How SEAC Solves Your Problems Related to Inspections and Approvals

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As inspection body and engineering company, SEAC is helping its clients meet the regulatory inspection and approval requirements for their equipment.

We always ensure fast execution of projects with high quality deliverables including inspection report, inspection label, and rating plate. We are typically able to schedule the inspections on a very short notice and to provide the inspection reports after a day or two following the inspections. With full in-house design and drafting capabilities, we can also provide our clients with standard piping & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and electrical wiring diagrams if they do not have the drawings required for compliance to the applicable codes and standards.



All the clients can access and download the inspection reports anytime from our proprietary database software called Executor. They are also able to live-track the status of any open items/issues, if any, which need to be addressed as part of the field approval.

Before taking a project, we completely understand its scope and determine if it falls under our scope of services. We answer any of the questions a client may have regrading the inspection and field approval requirements. This helps the client know what to expect from the inspection.

Our field inspectors do their best to let the client know of any issues or non-conformances before they leave the inspection site. This works great with the clients as they have a chance to fix the problems while they are on site. It saves them additional trip to the site just to address the issues from the inspection.

Our inspectors always explain to the clients the reasons for the non-conformances. If a client knows the reason, they will easily address the non-conformances and bring the equipment to compliance.



One of many ways to help our clients is that we do not go back to the site to verify the corrections that a client has made to address the non-conformances. We simply review the correction photos and close the issues subject to having been appropriately addressed. The client does not have to go through hassle of re-scheduling the site visit for the inspector and it also helps them avoid any additional costs.

One of the great things SEAC offers to its clients is its pre-assessment reviews and inspections. Our clients can involve us from early phases in their projects so they can design and fabricate their equipment meeting the requirements of the codes and standards. This avoids any rework and modifications on the equipment down the road. At the end of the day, it just helps the clients meet the project budget and deadlines and be able to bring the equipment up and running in a timely manner.



About SEAC

SEAC Engineering Inc. is a third-party Inspection Body accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to perform inspections of fuel-burning and electrical equipment to CSA B149 and CSA SPE-1000 Codes, respectively. SEAC is also registered with several provincial engineering licencing bodies to practice engineering and ensure public safety.

We are a team of experienced and highly competent professionals who work on a wide variety of appliances for different applications. We actively participate in technical committees for the development of different codes and standards related to electrical and fuel-burning equipment.

The operations at SEAC are very dynamic but our core values are constant which help us stay focussed on the needs and requirements of our clients. We are always improving based on the feedback from the clients.

If you need inspections and field approvals on your equipment, please reach out to us at:

[email protected]
Phone: 1- 587- 999- 6961

You can visit our website to know more about SEAC and its operations:

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