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ONLINE WEBINAR: Monitoring Crude Viscosity with Phil Harris – January 20th at 12:00 PM MST

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online webinar monitoring crude viscosity with phil harris

Saving Money and Energy with Optimized Crude Operations

The JP3 Verax system provides an opportunity to improve blending operations by monitoring crude viscosity. Additionally, composition and other physical properties can be used by downstream customers to optimize their operations. Examples include refinery feedstock blending and distillation tower efficiency.

NIR Spectroscopy for Crude Analysis

The JP3 VeraxTM system uses an NIR spectrometer to determine the composition of a sample. The chemical composition of a fluid such as crude oil determines its viscosity at a given temperature. Therefore, with an accurate compositional measurement, NIR spectrometer results can be correlated with ASTM Reference values at a predetermined reference temperature. Each measurement produces diagnostic values that can be used to ensure the system is functioning properly. In addition, the NIR measurements can provide other valuable information such as vapor pressure, distillation curves, crude quality monitoring, diluent analysis, and detection of feedstock changes.

Benefits in Energy Usage and Reducing Carbon Footprint

Reliable, responsive measurement of viscosity in crudes is necessary for ensuring efficient blending and minimizing energy usage in pumping operations. JP3 Verax measurement allows for real-time blend monitoring, allowing precise control of the parameters necessary for efficient pumping. This reduces energy usage and minimizes waste. By monitoring crude properties as a ‘spectral fingerprint’, off-spec crude can be dramatically reduced.

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