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Introducing DeReader, a state-of-the-art mobile and desktop app that manages your assets anywhere.

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DeReader allows you to store and share information with anyone no matter the distance. This mobile and desktop app offers a complete solution to on-site fieldwork and more. Eliminate paperwork from your life. Connect your physical assets to any accompanying documentation. Share it with anyone, anywhere.


Founders Jim and Lisa come from an oil and gas background with over 50 years of combined experience. They started off as welders and worked their way up through to inspection and quality control. They have both seen and experienced the difficulties of trying to complete projects without access to the information needed. The pair have even been forced to purchase a new asset because the one on-site does not have the accompanying paperwork.

They have witness commissioning not being able to work as they are missing data sheets or manuals. Companies have had to spend extra costs and time to rebuild spools and purchase new assets because of missing paperwork.

Their solution… DeReader! Their state-of-the-art app provided a better way to not only save time but save costs due to downtime waiting to receive information.

How it works:

how it works


  • Back up important paperwork,information or data from unforeseen accidents
  • Secure and controlyour assets
  • Increase productivitythrough virtually sharing information with co-workers, team members and classmates.
  • Remove the need for paperwork, store important documentation electronically
  • Manage assetsfrom a unified platform
  • See your assets,and the ones you have scanned on the go
  • Increase customer satisfactionthrough sharing important service and/or product information anytime.
  • Remove geographic barrierswhen connecting with friends, family, businesses, or customers.

Multiple Uses:

Business: Create specific assets for your business

Whether it be company cars, equipment or inventory.

The need to broadcast information to select people who have access to the DeReader QR code can be useful for many business cases:

  • Inventory management
  • Warehouses
  • Company cars and equipment
  • Advertisement
  • Storefront signs
  • Product information

When testing equipment, no need to look for calibration certification paperwork. Now the certifications are with your equipment in real-time. With the DeReader Code where ever your asset goes the paperwork goes with it. Just point, click and retrieve.

Household: Track receipts and other information


Track all of your receipts and other information in your home with DeReader.

  • Insurance
  • Renovations (Paint colours, tools, measurements)

Collect and store all the important assets for your home in one central location. So that even if you lose all the physical receipts, you will still have the digital copies in your DeReader account. Keep important information safe.

Automotive: Track car receipts and work done on your vehicle or sell your car with ease.

  • Online – Attach DeReader QR codes on your posting, anyone interested can quickly scan it and verify the vehicle.
  • On the car – Buyers can scan it on your car and see all the relevant information you need them to see.

Share codes digitally or physically

DeReader allows you to edit information within a tag, so if you were to sell an asset or acquire a new one there won’t be any added costs. The QR Code tags are fully transferable and once the new owner’s encryption is updated, they have full access to change the information.

Learn more about the numerous benefits of DeReader. Visit for more information and download the app today!

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Contact Us:

Lisa Balash
Title: Co-Founder
Phone: 403-575-0027
Email: [email protected]

Jim Williams
Title: Co-Founder
Phone: 403-575-0027
Email: [email protected]

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