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The Future of Leak Detection: Check Out the NEW Fluke ii910 Acoustic Imager

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Kingsway Instruments and Fluke are proud to share the future of Leak Detection and Partial Discharge with the Fluke ii910 Acoustic Imager.


Introducing the Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager.

Finally, an easy way to detect, locate, and analyze leaks and partial discharge in one tool.

Building on the game changing ii900 that was introduced in the fall of 2019, the Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager has been engineered with extra precision to locate gas and vacuum leaks up to 120 meters, as well as an extended frequency measurement range of 100kHz which is critical for early detection of Partial Discharge (PD) including Corona and Surface tracking. The ii910 deploys groundbreaking technology that is cost efficient, safe, simple, and comfortable to use. Utilizing an array of 64 strategically located microphones in concert with a built-in visible light camera the Fluke ii910 continuously runs precise algorithms that create Fluke’s live SightSound Image allowing you to locate multiple leaks or PD in real-time, faster than ever before! Check out this quick video.

Compressed Air – The real costs.

Research has shown an average production plant can waste up to 30% of its total compressed air production capacity through unmanaged leaks! When you consider the unnecessary energy wasted to compress that air, the costs of adding compressed air capacity and the inevitable, early degradation of expensive capital equipment, leaks in compressed air systems have real and tangible costs that compound and become very expensive, very quickly.

If air leaks are so expensive, why have they not been tackled before?

Previous to the Fluke ii900, finding leaks and confirming successful repairs in compressed air systems was a time-consuming and technical task. Specially tuned headsets, parabolic curved microphones, extensive training, and huge amounts of time were spent scanning to find even a single leak. These costs in comparison to the time to detect leaks made most air system problems an annoyance or unfeasible maintenance task.

But now…The game has changed!

With the Fluke ii910, companies today are finding and quantifying leaks in real dollars quicker and faster than ever before. The Fluke ii910 helps them get past the detection stage and builds time in the repair cycle to prioritize and fix more issues with ease. Companies have realized instant and repeated savings by managing air leaks using the new Fluke ii910 in record time.

The invisible threat… Now you can see.

While air leaks are expensive, leaks from other gases can pose an invisible threat that easily endanger equipment and lives. Whether your process hydrogen, propane, methane, argon, acetone, ethanol, or benzene (to name a few) leaks in these gas systems need to be dealt with immediately. Many companies correctly use area or personal gas monitors to protect staff from unexpected leaks, however, finding the leak can be a different challenge entirely. Trust the Fluke ii910 to quickly identify the precise location of leaks in your mission critical systems and help put you on the path to a safer work environment.

Detecting Partial Discharge with the Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager.

Partial Discharge (PD) can be a very serious issue on electrical equipment such as insulators, transformers, switch gear or high voltage powerlines. PD is defined as “the localized dielectric breakdown of a small section of an electrical insulation system when there is high-voltage stress”. PD becomes an issue for equipment either quickly or over a long term. So, how do you know when to act? The key success model for PD is early detection and then monitor for trend changes to know when to fix PD issues before they result in catastrophic electrical distribution equipment failure. Failures can cause blackouts, fires, explosions, or death from arc flashes, and it can cost millions of dollars for downtime and lost production. Since Fluke introduced the Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustical Imager it has quickly become the least expensive and easiest to use PD detection method in the industry.

More uptime means more production time means more profits!

The ii910 can limit the amount of downtime your facility experiences to find issues. There is no need to shut down your facility to scan. Users of the ii910 can filter out all surrounding noises and hone-in directly on the problem area. Planned repairs are significantly less expensive than fixes that are unplanned.

What’s next?

Contact Kingsway Instruments today to setup a demonstration of the Fluke ii900/910 Series Acoustic Imagers and receive a free ROI calculation. We have units in stock available for demo, purchase, and rent!


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