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700,000 Tradespeople Set to Retire This Decade – 10,000 Worker Deficit Predicted

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In September, the Financial Post reported that Canada expects to see a 10,000-worker deficit in 56 tradesresulting from more than 700,000 Tradespeople retiring without enough apprentices to replace them. The consequences of this shortage could be profound:

  1. Cost increases / overruns
  2. Quality assurance issues
  3. Longer lead times
  4. Project delays and cancellations

As a company specializing in the recruitment and placement of skilled trades, we take recent developments in this industry seriously and have arrived at some key insights. We believe this situation can be proactively mitigated, or at the very least minimized, through consistent and targeted activities.  At Matrix, we have developed a five-pillar program that can be scaled for both public and private sectors.  Our approach involves the following:

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  • The private sector (public / private buyers, staffing agencies, end-users) needs to highlight opportunities and advantages of skilled trades careers. As the world continues to evolve, it is important to educate and inspire the next generation through information, perspective, and expectation. Secondarily, research shows significant career shifts with changing global and economic conditions. With the right communication tools, there are opportunities to nudge or influence these shifts to relevant skilled trades areas.
  • Institutions need to invest in career counselling and skill aptitude tests that can be promoted within schools, through organizations and HR firms to assist our youth in career planning.

Awareness / Visibility / Communication 

  • Assets and promotional materials need to be developed by leveraging the incumbent workforce to provide perspective on benefits, value, stability, and opportunities within skilled trades career paths.
  • Information needs to be disseminated on modern digital channels (Instagram, TikTok, etc.) visible to the primary demographic.


  • A key to Matrix’s success has been creating an Employee Centric Culture and developing industry-leading compensation packages that include competitive wages, benefits, tuition refunds (for apprentice training), and long-term employment.
  • Career choices are driven by stability, opportunities for advancement, and the confidence that hard work is proportionately rewarded.
  • The public and private sectors need to apply white-collar wrappers around skilled trade careers to attract talented individuals into the industry.

As a curator of highly segmented and qualified Skilled Trades, Matrix is developing E-Learning programs, testing tools, surveys, and quizzes in conjunction with the five-pillar program outlined above to retain, attract, and assist individuals with making educated career path decisions.  Contact us today to learn about our retention / incubation programs here.

About Matrix

Matrix Labour Leasing is a full-service human resources agency specializing in the placement and administration of short and long-term employees across Canada.  Matrix has been in business for over eighteen years and has generated over five million hours of employment. A leader in the industry, Matrix has been recognized as one of Alberta Venture’s Fast Growth 50, Profit 500, and as a Leader of Tomorrow by Business in Calgary. Matrix is an accomplished, fast-growing organization with the potential to make an impact on Canada’s workforce and the flavour of skilled trades staffing. Why work with Matrix for Staffing, Payroll (+ Funding) and Retention / Incubation?

  1. Mitigate risk by using a third-party staffingpayroll and payroll funding agency
  2. 30-to-60-day payment terms on all labour
  3. Over 19 years experience in trade staffing across Canada
  4. Energy Safety Canada COR-certified in BC, AB & SK
  5. ISNetWorld & ComplyWorks
  6. WCB Management, Compliance & Risk Management across North America
  7. Payroll processed weekly via EFT and billing weekly
  8. First Nations / non-profit groups relationships and joint ventures with Gitga’at First Nation (Prince Rupert, BC)
  9. Wage parity and full benefits to all employees
  10. Online Industrial Security Services (OLISS) clearance / authorization

Learn about Matrix here. Learn about our Payroll division here. Connect with us today!

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