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Hazloc Heaters
Hazloc Heaters

Risk Matters: The Impact of Employee Turnover on Your Company’s Safe Operations

It happens in every company, the key resource, a person who has been on the team for years or even decades, has left your organization. They were offered a new position, or perhaps this was due to an economic crisis or changing business models and restructurings which resulted in them being laid off. What’s left behind is a massive knowledge gap that needs to be filled and little time to do so.

This becomes crucial if the resources were taking care of a safety critical position. Regardless of why your experienced team members leave, knowledge retention is a critical business activity which is reflected in safety and sustainable operations, where the impacts are felt on a bigger scale.

According to a report from The Work Institute, 27% of employees voluntarily left their jobs in 2018 and 35% will leave their jobs each year by 2023


The intelligence You Need to Make the Right Choice

Using analytics and industry data to ensure critical threats are addressed gives you and all stakeholders peace of mind knowing that all critical threats are being managed. Risk Alive® holds the world’s largest collection of PHA and risk data and has the advanced tools and technology to analyze it effectively and efficiently.

You can now access huge collections of data for facilities of all types, from refineries to gas plants, and fertilizer production to French fry factories to identify common threats, mitigations and the best strategies to protect your investments.

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