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Leading Biologist Says ‘CO2 Is A Blessing’, Rejects Climate Doom

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earth sun horizonGerman evolutionary biologist and physiologist Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kutschera told in an interview that “CO2 is a blessing for mankind” and that the claimed “97% consensus” among scientists is “a myth.”

97% consensus claim “untenable” 

Kutschera, who has authored over three hundred scientific publications and twelve books, told the German “Junge Freiheit” (JF) that the 97% figure on consensus was created in 2013 by Australian cognitive scientist John Cook and that it has since “turned out to be untenable”, as proven by David R. Legates.

“Cook and Powell evaluated an arbitrary number of climate publications according to questionable criteria,” Kutschera told JF.

Climate doomsday “kind of religious cult”

When asked why he also signed the European Climate Declaration declaring no climate emergency, he said he considered it “important that a professional educational initiative, hopefully politically neutral, should finally emerge” and that he rejected extremes, among them the “‘climate alarmists’ who predict a fictitious, imminent ‘earth heat death’ and thus practice a kind of religious cult.”

“Basic nutrient for all plants”

“So since plants need CO2 as a basic foodstuff, there would be no life on earth without this trace gas,” said Kutschera, in response to claims that CO2 is a pollutant. “Therefore, the scientific discipline of plant physiology is of central importance, and CO2 is, therefore, a blessing for mankind!”

CO2 tax “nonsensical”

“Since about 1850, the CO2 content of the air has risen from 0.028 volume percent (280 ppm) to 0.041 volume percent (410 ppm) today. This has led to an increase in global photosynthesis – in other words, we humans have made the earth greener!” said the highly controversial professor from Kassel.

He also calls the planned CO2 tax “nonsensical” and that it is “actually a kind of new ‘special food tax’ on the state”.

Earth being greened by man


The renowned biologist also told JF that the natural carbon cycle has been altered by mankind so “that currently about a third of the CO2 we put into the air is consumed by plants, which increases their growth. The result is that the earth is greened by man, including higher crop yields – from which, incidentally, agriculture benefits worldwide – i.e. mainly poor countries that depend on agricultural products to a much greater extent than we do.”

97% of FFF activists don’t understand the carbon cycle

Kutschera criticizes the hysteria that some of his fellow scientists are spreading and he sees the climate issue as highly politicized and poorly understood. Concerning the Fridays for Future activists, he tells JF:

As I have been active in nature conservation since my early youth – building ponds, etc. – I basically rate the movement positively. However, I fear that more than 97 percent of its activists can neither define the term ‘climate’ nor have understood the carbon cycle or the function of the Rubisco enzyme, and therefore act purely politically. Since the irrational climate cult is on the rise, I advocate a ‘Fridays for Plant Physiology’ movement.”


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