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Bloomberg: Wind & Solar Jobs Growth Is 200% of Any Other Career

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TEHACHAPI, CA, USA, January 23, 2019 / — Fossil fuels are as obsolete as are the dinosaurs from which they originated. Fundamental economics and humanity’s instinctive commitment to survival of the species dictate as much. Transient politics and politicians notwithstanding, the U.S. private sector and even government agencies themselves are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in the conversion to an infinite supply of clean, renewable, energy. Latest statistics prove that there are presently more than 800,000 jobs (compared to 360,000 only 4 years ago) in the wind and solar industryalone. Notably, in contrast, employment in the coal mining industry has steadily decreased from 150,000 to 50,000 workers over the past 30 years. Wind and solar power plants will produce 20% of domestic energy by next year, 35% over the next decade.

Business, government and society have acknowledged the necessity. The requisite technology and capital investment are in place, but now demand a skilled workforce to install, maintain and support the innovative systems and equipment. Therein, until recently, has been the primary challenge to the U.S. Long ago, China, dozens of nations in Western Europe and around the globe recognized the inevitable need for alternative energy. Although American programs are increasingly filling the void in the specialized market for wind and solar technicians, there remain at least two significant obstacles.

On the one hand, Mother Nature has no respect for demographics or available labor pools. There aren’t many wind farms in Manhattan, nor is there a lot of sunshine during a Chicago winter. The optimal “elements”, ideal environments, which fuel power for consumers and businesses thousands of miles distant are often located in rural, remote, expanses. Moreover, among the communities in which the energy is generated, residents have no feasible access to the specialized education or training needed. Previously, potential employers and employees have been forced to incur the prohibitive expense/risk of travel, training and turnover, as well as the significant overhead associated with a growing workforce.

Yet, innovation begets innovation. World Wind & Solar (WWS) is the only one of a very few alternative resources that has had the vision to create practical solutions. WWS is the nation’s largest independent service provider, supporting project owners, OEM’s and O&M clientele. With over 400 wind & solar field technicians, and hiring more each month, the company supports clients nationwide. WWS’s first step in the enhancement of their technical training was the establishment of its state-of-the-art campus in Tehachapi, CA. As the primary nerve center and brain trust, the training center is fully-equipped with MW class wind turbines, DTA cabinets, switchgears, central inverters, electrical, hydraulic & troubleshooting simulators, as well as a full complement of tooling and equipment.

In order to meet the ever-growing demand for qualified technicians, the company has now launched its first-of-a-kind traveling training center. The WWS Mobile University will serve onsite and regional personnel with entry level, refresher and advanced curricula. The quick-response capabilities will address “just in time”, on the job or scope-specific training that may be unique to an individual project, technology or region.

Sky Eye Measurement
Sky Eye Measurement

Essentially, the WWS Mobile University creates “turnkey” solutions for the success of wind and solar projects. Locally recruited and hired WWS technicians, complete comprehensive coursework in theoretical and practical applications. Graduates can remain productive members of their own communities or relocate when, where and as needed.

With the advent and deployment of the WWS Mobile University, local candidates earn their safety and technical certificates at their own doorstep. In turn, they begin their careers in their own backyard. The intensive “hands-on” learning experience is no longer bound by geography or traditional job descriptions. Leadership/teamwork, customer relations, First Aid/safety/rescue and regulatory compliance among other skills supplement the highly technical curriculum. All classes are conducted by WWS qualified instructors and include such courses as LOTO, QEW, Scheduled Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance among others. Students range from trade school graduates to experienced, senior site managers.

In a recent interview WWS Director of Business Development, Daryl Ragsdale, provided more insight. “Our #1 priority is to offer our employees a career, not just a job. We serve our employees. Our employees serve our clients, our clients serve our industry and our industry serves the world.”

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