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Why so many oil and gas firms are relying on animated videos? – Kicker Video

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Why are so many leading oil and gas firms across North America relying more and more on animated videos to help drive their sales and marketing efforts?  The answer is competition.  Gone are the days were a technical document or engineering model were all that was needed to explain an innovative play.    Today, fast moving energy firms are using animated videos to bring their assets, tools or underground recovery processes to life.   And it’s more affordable than you think.

In the energy sector, you have to market and demonstrate to your clients a strong value proposition.  One of the leading video production firms with a focus on oil and gas says the benefits of using 2D or 3D animation for selling are huge. “We capture the level of detail your tool or equipment deserves”, says Nathan Denny, senior producer at Calgary-based Kicker Video.   “We’re called upon to create serious animations for underground tools, flyovers of full asset renderings in the field to even fun animations that help disarm our client’s sales prospects”.

Many energy firms still think animation means cartoons.   But the benefits of using business-oriented animation techniques for industrial purposes are key to standing out in a crowded field.    Oil and gas firms are using animation and partial animation for sales, education, training to exploration and even production.   Great from sales proposals and for closing deals.

It’s no secret oil and gas drilling and production can be dangerous and highly technical.  Kicker Video says showing these scenarios with video content and animation is ideal for training staff and contractors rather than travelling to the site.   Using animation to showcase your environmental stewardship and community relations helps elevate your brand creating deeper trust.     Denny outlines Kicker’s Top 3 benefits for using animation in oil and gas:

  1. Promotion and Sales: 2D and 3D animation is the perfect way of breaking down what otherwise might be difficult to understand concepts or plans and making them easily understood.   These simple animations, perhaps with a script and voiceover, are a proven moneymaker on your website, in presentations, trade shows and other marketing efforts.
  2. Investor and Community Relations: By creating a powerful animated video, you can show what your proposed project will look like now and into the future.   It can explain how your product or technology works in a very short period of time.  Perfect for showcasing your project to investors.  The animated video will also communicate better to local community leaders in the area, gaining trust.
  3. Training and Safety: It’s a lot safer and more cost effective to train your staff with an animated video and simulations than doing it onsite.    Your video can also show what could happen in a variety of situations if your company safety procedures are not followed.

Bottom line?  Creating an animated video will bring your asset to life.   Make your messages clear and take your clients, partners, stakeholders and staff to the location without leaving the office.   Simple 2D animated videos start at $4,000 and go up depending on complexity.  Contact Kicker Video for more information and a free proposal.

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