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Remote, Undeveloped, Difficult to Access Energy Sites? The GEOWEB Road System Gets You There!

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geoweb road 1

Energy resources are often located in the most remote, undeveloped, and difficult-to-access areas.  Transporting heavy construction equipment, materials, and workers to these sites can pose significant challenges, particularly during spring and fall when the ground is extremely soft, wet, and muddy.

The GEOWEB® 3D Soil Confinement System offers cost-effective roadway and work platform solutions for sites with soft ground and limited aggregate resources. This fast-to-deploy system confines and stabilizes infill materials for creating efficient site access roads and platforms.

geoweb road 2

The GEOWEB system is ideal for building access roads, pads, and work platforms in areas with low- strength soils, such as over deep peat, saturated clay, or muskeg. The geocell system effectively utilizes on-site fill and reject sand and can be installed in almost any weather condition. This ensures uninterrupted access to oil sites, even during the wettest or coldest months. Additionally, the GEOWEB system minimizes site disturbance in environmentally sensitive areas that are prone to degradation.

GEOWEB Access Road & Drilling Pad Case Study:

A Canadian oil producer employed the GEOWEB system on its access roads and drilling pads to reduce expensive aggregate and operational maintenance requirements.


Design and construction challenges included supporting heavy loads exceeding 125,000 lbs. (15,000 lbs. wheel loads) over very soft subgrades of muskeg and saturated clay. The solution needed to be viable in sub-zero temperatures and withstand heavy rig and truck traffic during the spring thaw—a period that typically compromises these already fragile subgrades.

Proven across numerous projects, GEOWEB Geocells have consistently performed up to expectations. For this project, the GEOWEB system effectively reduced the typical cross-section from 5 ft. (1.5 m) to less than 12 in. (300 mm), resulting in significant cost savings and conservation of local resources for the client.

GEOWEB Energy Applications:

  • Oil field site access roads
  • Intermodal transfer facilities
  • Laydown yards
  • Drilling pads
  • Work platforms

9595 gw aggregate circle

GEOWEB Site Access Road Benefits:

  • Distributes heavy loads—allowing up to 50% reduction of base requirements.
  • Requires less re-grading and minimal maintenance.
  • Stiff roadway structure reduces rolling resistance and speeds cycle times.
  • Use of local infill reduces the cost and transportation of materials to the site.
  • Quick and easy to installwith on-site crews and without specialized equipment.
  • GEOWEB sections are easy to transport—even to remote locations.

For project assistance in the US, contact Presto Geosystems at 800-548-3424 or 920-738-1328.

For project assistance in Canada, contact Presto’s Canadian distributor Layfield Group at (888) 748-7905.

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