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The Benefits of TARGET ONLINE & TARGET TRACK for Environmental Compliance

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By Montrose Environmental

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In today’s world, environmental compliance is a crucial aspect for organizations across many different industries. Meeting regulatory requirements and effectively managing emissions data is essential for sustainable operations. Montrose Environmental offers a comprehensive platform called TARGET ONLINE, along with a mobile app called TARGET TRACK.

These innovative platforms provide numerous benefits for achieving and maintaining environmental compliance, including:

Centralized Data Management

TARGET ONLINE allows users to centralize and manage all emissions assessment data in one user-friendly web interface. This eliminates the need for manual data gathering from multiple spreadsheets, ensuring better reporting accuracy.

Seamless Presentation of Results

With TARGET ONLINE, users can easily access, view, and print critical emission details from one portal. This includes fugitive emission survey results, repair tracking, and regulatory reporting. The platform provides a clear and seamless presentation of data, making it easier to analyze and interpret the results.

Automated Workflows and Reporting

TARGET ONLINE enables organizations to build automated workflows for customized, ready-to-send reports. This streamlines the reporting process, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming task of gathering data, running complex emissions calculations, and creating reports based on regulatory guidelines. The platform reduces timeline bottlenecks and improves overall emissions reputation.

Integration Capabilities

TARGET ONLINE offers integration capabilities with Enterprise Asset Management Systems and Emission Management Software Partners. This allows for seamless data exchange and enhances the overall efficiency of emissions management.

Mobile App for Field Data Capture

TARGET TRACK, the mobile app companion to TARGET ONLINE, is a full-featured Android application that enables field employees to record fugitive data during inspections. It allows for capturing leak information, including descriptions, safety hazard ratings, and repair recommendations. The app ensures data formatting consistency and instant data synchronization with the online database.

Video Footage and Automatic Notifications

TARGET ONLINE provides instant access to large video footage of specific leak locations and ​​a visible light image that highlights the leak source allowing for better visualization and analysis. Additionally, the platform enables automatic email notifications for repair statuses and offers a configurable application programming interface (API) for automated work orders.

Montrose Environmental: Empowering Organizations for Environmental Compliance and Sustainable Success

Montrose Environmental’s TARGET ONLINE platform and TARGET TRACK mobile app offer significant benefits for environmental compliance. These tools streamline emissions assessment, repair tracking, and regulatory reporting processes, resulting in faster repairs, improved reporting accuracy, and enhanced overall efficiency in emissions management.

Learn more about Montrose Environmental and its TARGET EMISSIONS SOFTWARE today.

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