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Capturing Real Emissions Data with Precision Technology

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The push from government and regulators to reduce emissions continues to grow, and the energy industry is feeling pressure to innovate or adapt to survive.

We are seeing industry shift towards solutions such as carbon credits, green technology, low emission strategies. With stricter legislation and stiffer emission penalties industry needs a technology to precisely measure low pressure, low volume greenhouse gas emissions, typical to that of venting hydrocarbons. While this shift is exciting. the critical point to the success of all emission-reduction solutions, is data.

Alberta company, Ventbuster Instruments Inc., has developed technology to take precise measurements of all wellsite venting methane emissions. Their patented flow channel technology accurately detects and digitally records the smallest of flows from an equivalent of “one bubble in 10 minutes” to over 25,400 cfd. The Ventbuster®, can measure and digitally report Surface Casing Vent Flows (SCVF). All test data is transferred to a secure IoT platform that you can access at any time. Allowing you to see your test results as the vent flow test is running and download regulatory complaint reports and test data once the test has been completed.

The Ventsentinel®, their latest technology, is in its final commercial testing phase. The Ventsentinel®, utilizes Ventbuster’s patented flow channel and will be soon available for use for uninterrupted, inline, fixed monitoring on Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS) wells, Instrument Air Compressors, Compressor Packing Vents, Oilfield Storage Tank Vents, Flare Lines, Incinerators, and permanent SCVF Monitoring.

The ability to measure and record precise emissions data, allows for companies and the energy industry capture a clear picture of their emissions levels. Once that baseline has been established, innovation and regulation can take place. Without the ability to precisely measure release rates, industry cannot plan or design cost effective mitigation. And government cannot balance its emission reduction targets.

Ventbuster Instruments Inc. wants to provide solutions for any company in the energy industry trying to capture emissions data. CEO, Rob Layher understands this problem because for 20 years, he specialized in oil and gas well abandonments and restoring wellbore integrity. “To improve my success in SCVF repair, I needed a precise low flow gas meter for well diagnostics, which did not exist,” says Layher. “After successfully designing and deploying field trials of our new technology, we introduced the Ventbuster® and founded Ventbuster Instruments. Our mission, is to advance the oil and gas industry with our cutting-edge technology to assist in reducing venting methane emissions.”

To find out more about Ventbuster Instruments technology, visit their website at or inquire at [email protected].

Interested in renting their Ventbuster® for your well operation? Contact Reliance Oilfield Services at 1 (403) 352-3295.

Watch Ventbuster Instruments Inc.’s video:

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