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Vista Projects
Vista Projects

FREE WEBINAR: Optimize your Oil & Gas Operations with Real-time Analytical Technology – June 27, 2022

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free webinar optimize your oil & gas operations with real time analytical technology 1

Online Webinar with Phil Harris

Monday, June 27th | 5:00am MDT | 3:00pm UAE (Your date and time)


Verax ISX & IMX:

A Near-Infrared Analyzer for Real-Time Analysis

  • Make more Money on your Condensates, NGLs, Crude, Refined Fuels, and Gas
  • Lower your Capex using Multi-Parameter & Multi-Stream Units
  • Improve your ESG Scores
  • Lower your Operation and Maintenance costs
  • Run your plants optimally and efficiently

free webinar optimize your oil & gas operations with real time analytical technology 2

One Device Measures Composition and Properties of Gas and Liquid.

  • The Verax ISX and IMX represents JP3’s latest generation of near-infrared analyzers designed specifically for oil and gas applications.
  • The Verax ISX and IMX provide faster measurement times, using up to four independent spectrometer detectors, enhanced optical components and a patented flow cell.
  • Compared to existing GCs and property analyzers, JP3 Verax offers significant improvements in measurement speed, quality, repeatability, stability, and reliability in even the harshest environments.
  • Natural gas or liquids can be accurately analyzed to obtain hydrocarbon composition, API gravity, vapor pressure, BTU, transmix, and many other properties.

Single- or Multi-stream Systems to Reduce Cost Per Read Point

  • The Verax ISX contains a single spectrometer and detector for cost-effective measurement of a single measurement point
  • The Verax IMX features four spectrometer detectors. This flexibility allows a system to be designed to minimize the cost per read point.
  • Read points can be located hundreds of meters away from the IMX enclosure as they use fiber optic cables to transmit the light signal.
  • A single read point project can use the Verax ISX, while a multi-read-point project can use a Verax IMX.

Measure in the Pipeline at Operating Pressure and Temperature

  • The VeraSight flow cell is installed directly on the process at operating pressure and temperature, requiring no sampling or conditioning systems.
  • The flow cell is connected to the analyzer by a single pair of fiber optic cables, allowing the analyzer to be located as close to or as far from the process as desired.
  • Each process stream can support any number of compositional and physical measurements. The Verax analyzer produces no emissions and requires no carrier gases or calibration gases.

Solid State Spectroscopy for Rapid Response Time

  • Using patented Near-Infrared (NIR) optical spectroscopy and advanced chemometric techniques, Verax ISX and IMX provide direct process readings in a matter of seconds, in either liquid or gas streams.
  • No moving parts, no consumables, and no sample conditioning systems means longer life and reduced maintenance costs.
  • JP3’s patented laser source utilizes constant amplitude correction and wavelength calibration to deliver performance that is unmatched in the industry.
  • The swept source Class 1 laser provides light intensity strong enough to easily measure even the lowest API gravity crudes.

Enhanced Uptime with Remote Monitoring

  • Verax’s advanced electronics and communication capabilities allow easy integration into plant networks and systems.
  • Verax also supports 24 x 365 monitoring, making even the most remote unmanned installations possible and economical.
  • Secure, flexible, and scalable data infrastructure means that your system monitoring and data services can be hosted locally or in the cloud.

Verax ISX & IMX
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