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FEATURE PRODUCT: The Ventbuster® – A Revolutionary Advancement in Continuous SCVF Monitoring

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Ventbuster Instruments has filled the technology gap with its Ventbuster®. A revolutionary advancement in continuous SCVF monitoring. The patented flow channel is the only technology on the market that precisely measures continuous and intermittent venting emissions.

Making its commercial debut in late 2019, the Ventbuster® has been growing in popularity thanks to its unmatched ability to measure and report emissions ranging from ultra-low to relatively high flow rates beyond the turn-down ratio of any vent gas meter on the market. This novel technology is sophisticated yet cost-effective and intuitive – providing accurate measurement, diagnostics, and live reporting of all venting emissions in real-time to Ventbuster Instrument’s IoT Platform.

The Ventbuster® is your solution to meet the new AER Directive 20 and Directive 87 requirements for SCVF measurement and reporting. The patented flow technology is scientifically proven and field-tested to accurately detect and digitally record the smallest of flows from an equivalent of “one bubble in 10 minutes” to over 450 m3/day. The Ventbuster® sets a new industry standard for accuracy.

For the last 20 years, Ventbuster Instrument’s CEO, Rob Layher, has specialized in well abandonments and restoring wellbore integrity. To improve his success, he needed a precise low-flow gas meter for well diagnostics, which did not exist. “I knew this was not only an issue I was facing but an issue many in the industry faced,” says Layher. “Current emission measurement tools in the industry are limited by their measurement ranges and accuracy at low flow rates.  These gas meters rely on calculations or estimations, and even multiple technologies are needed to capture a pseudo vent gas measurement. It’s the 21st Century, I wanted to create a sophisticated tool that can do it all.”

In its time on the market so far, the Ventbuster has been used on thousands of well sites, accurately measuring, and reporting venting gases. “Our customers are impressed with the simplicity of installing such a high-tech device on surface casing vent assemblies and how they can instantly see their test data live on our user dashboard,” says Layher. “Once a test is complete, there is a compliant test report that is automatically generated with a few keystrokes, for easy submission to Regulators.”

You can have the Ventbuster® deployed at your wellsite by Reliance Oilfield Services or rent them over the counter from any Reliance Field Office and conduct the test yourself.

Contact Reliance Oilfield Services at 1 (403) 352-3295
Or, contact the Ventbuster Instruments team at [email protected].
Learn more about the Ventbuster® here.



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