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PRODUCT FEATURE: The Ventbuster®- Where innovative engineering and oil and gas expertise meet

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The Ventbuster® made its commercial debut at the beginning of 2020 and, in its two years of operation, has seen growing adoption and interest from the Canadian and US markets. What is it that makes this technology so unique? The Ventbuster® was built for a specific purpose, to fill the technology gap on accurate, continuous, and precise vent gas measurement.

Ventbuster Instruments Inc., the company behind the Ventbuster®, knew there was a technological gap to fill in the market. Ventbuster Instruments CEO, Rob Layher, is highly specialized and a recognized leader in well abandonments and restoring wellbore integrity. To improve his success, he needed a precise low-flow, low pressure gas meter for well diagnostics, which did not exist. That’s when the Ventbuster® was conceptualized and created. The Ventbuster® is the industry’s first venting gas measurement technology, able to actually measure Surface Casing Vent Flows and automatically uploads your testing data into Ventbuster Instruments’ IoT platform.  No flow estimates using algorithms, no block and bleed tricks, no moving mechanical parts, no blow by, no correction factors…just a real continuous measurement of flowing rate, pressure, temperature and the most accurate and intuitive stabilized shut-in pressure test.

The Ventbuster® does what other technology cannot. Its unmatched turndown ratio measures ultra-low flow rates to large flow rates using just one device and one technology — no more pseudo data, just the real thing. With an ultra-low flow range of 0.04 ml/min, the Ventbuster® captures venting methane emissions as small as one tiny bubble of gas to large sustained and intermittent flows all in one device.



Decades of experience and insight have gone into creating this industry-leading technology. Its unmatched capabilities open doors for deeper conversations between regulators and the industry. Thanks to its accurate and precise reports, the Ventbuster® is answering the questions the energy industry has been scrutinized for, such as, what precisely are your company’s exact emission rates? What environmental impact does your company and the industry have? What benefit do we see from the investment in wells?

Data can empower your business as our industry faces more regulatory requirements. Contact Ventbuster Instruments to learn more at [email protected].

To rent or have the Ventbuster® deployed, contact Reliance Oilfield Services at 1 (403) 352-3295.

To read more on this technology visit Ventbuster Instruments website.

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