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INNOVATIVE STIMULATION SOLUTION for Frac Hits, Induced Seismicity & Water Management in Unconventional Fields

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  • Are frac hits decreasing the effectiveness and adding to the costs of your stimulation operations?
  • Is induced seismicity threatening to shut down your upstream field development plans?
  • Are water management costs hurting your bottomline?

The innovative Slow & Easy hydraulic stimulation process developed by Terralog Technologies Inc. has a proven record of solving these problems while maintaining your post-stimulation production performance in mudstones, shales and other unconventional reservoirs.

How is the Slow & Easy process different?

  • Slow & Easy stimulation utilizes low injection rates, cyclic injection for progressive development of extensive, complex fracture networks.
    • Lower injection rates (but still maintaining hydraulic fracture conditions).
    • Lower injection pressures (but still maintaining hydraulic fracture conditions).
    • Cyclic injection approach: cyclic injection events c/w alternating water-proppant pads.
  • Lower proppant load and no chemical additives.
  • Produced water or formation-compatible brine as frac fluid (fresh water not required).
  • Requires much less horsepower than conventional fracturing methods.

Slow & Easy Benefits:

  • Eliminate frac hits.
    • By developing complex fracture networks with low rate cyclic injection, Slow & Easy process reduces the risk and severity of frac hits.
    • Suitable as a re-frac technique for frac hit mitigation and protection of assets.
  • Cyclic injection minimizes the risk of induced seismicity.
    • No induced seismicity event at surface has ever been associated with Slow & Easy operations.
  • Improved Water Management.
    • Fresh water is not required.
    • Well-suited for ‘reduce and reuse’ strategies for produced water.
  • Easy to implement.
    • Simplified initial well completion or well re-completion
    • Suitable for initial hydraulic stimulation or refracs
  • The features and benefits of Slow & Easy make it a ‘Regulator-Friendly’ stimulation process.

Slow & Easy Proven Performance:

More than 60 wells worldwide have been stimulated using the Slow & Easy process. The following observations can be made from the field operations during stimulation treatment:

  1. The Slow & Easy technology has been proven to be successful in stiff, low permeability mudstone reservoirs and tight sand reservoirs.
  2. Progressive development of an extensive Stimulated Rock Volume (SRV) is achievable using a lower rate, low proppant load, and cyclic stimulation approach.
  3. No adverse operational or environmental impacts have been observed on any of the wells stimulated using the S&E process.
  4. No fracture chemical additives have been used on any well treated.
  5. Post-stimulation oil production performance has shown an average 7-fold improvement.

The Slow & Easy treatment is a versatile, and more environmentally sustainable, stimulation process that solves some of the most common problems associated with unconventional asset resource development.

More information is available at:

If you are interested in learning more about how the Slow & Easy process can assist you in addressing some of today’s common challenges associated with hydraulic fracture stimulation, please contact:

Maiy Latif
Project Development Engineer
Terralog Technologies Inc.
[email protected]
+1 403 216 4730

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