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CASE STUDY: A Site-Adapted Solution Meets Space-Saving Design for A Major Tank Storage Farm.

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CASE STUDY - A Site-Adapted Solution Meets Space-Saving Design for A Major Tank Storage Farm 1

The Sky Eye team implements a SKY-MOD solution to ensure maximum flexibility and ease of use for the Bluewing team in Brownsville, TX.

In early 2020, Bluewing Midstream, approached the Sky Eye Measurement team for a fuel transloading solution for their refined fuels tank storage facility located in the Port of Brownsville, in Brownsville, Texas.

This solution involved a refined fuel transloader that could access Bluewing’s tank storage farm housed within a concrete berm. Bluewing manages these storage tanks for multiple clients, so they required a solution to move various commodities for a myriad of clients that adapted to the facilities landscape.
The Sky Eye team navigated the in-house engineering designs and infrastructure provided by Bluewing to integrate these innovative transloaders into the facility. The final design was delivered in late 2020.

The Sky Eye Measurement team devised a “SKY-MOD” – a modular, space-saving solution to allow customers to access the different materials within the storage tanks without blocking the access road outside the concrete berm surrounding the perimeter of the tank farm. Due to the facility’s landscape, the transloaders designed by the Sky Eye Measurement team needed to adapt to the uneven grading within the berm. With this in mind, our team designed the transloaders with adjustable feet, eliminating the need for level ground to operate. Additionally, this turnkey solution was designed to be picked up and moved around, providing Bluewing with a modular solution.

CASE STUDY - A Site-Adapted Solution Meets Space-Saving Design for A Major Tank Storage Farm 2


The solution crafted by the Sky Eye Measurement team transports fuel directly from the tanks within the berm, while the parts necessary for the drivers to access – the load arm, ground, overfill, and flow computer – are located along the side of the berm that runs parallel with the access road. This design allows the drivers to access the components they need while working with the pre-existing infrastructure.


For this project, all the components were rated for the electrical area. Additionally, this project features a Class 1, Div 2 VFD, which reduces the power requirement significantly.

The automation within this project ensured simpler operations and a quick turnaround for Bluewing’s customers. This project featured an automated proving valve that eliminated the need for operators and hoses to go over the wall to prove; instead, the system diverts the flow to the taps automatically through the flip of a switch. This modular design provides flexibility for their customers while eliminating the technical aspects that they do not need to access. We are committed to finding solutions for our clients that adapt to their needs which will help them succeed.

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