DETROIT, April 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DTE Energy, Michigan’s largest energy company, is collaborating with Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers to optimize EV charging through the new DTE Smart Charge program. This program aims to help the company balance energy demand on the grid while moving closer to its environmental goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

DTE Smart Charge is a Demand Response (DR) program that will monitor and study EV charging and peak usage events. The program is looking for 1,000 volunteer EV owners who have the potential to earn up to $100 in gift cards depending on their participation level. This initiative is open to all Michigan residents who have a qualifying EV and receive residential electric service from DTE Energy.

DTE is among one of a few energy companies in the U.S. running this type of program. Participating automakers include General Motors and Ford Motor Company.

During peak energy usage, DTE and the automakers will temporarily pause charging to the EV owner’s vehicle; these pauses are called events. EV owners can opt-out of events at any time. Evaluating how participants and vehicles respond to the different event times and lengths will help DTE improve electric service reliability in the future as EV adoption increases across Michigan.

DTE Smart Charge leverages the Open Vehicle Grid Integrated Platform (OVGIP) which enables the management of EV charging from multiple automakers in a grid-friendly and EV driver-centric manner. A joint initiative between the energy and automotive industries, OVGIP allows energy companies to address the entire electric vehicle ecosystem through a single, unified, and open interface. It also provides benefits to EV owners by allowing them to take advantage of utility incentives through improved grid capacity utilization without inconveniencing the EV driver’s schedule.

“DTE is excited to play a leading role in this sustainability collaborative,” said John Boladian, Director of Energy Efficiency at DTE. “We are working to ensure the energy grid can continue to facilitate the charging needs of EV users across our electric company’s service territory today, and for years to come.”


“We believe in a future with zero tailpipe emissions and know the best way to achieve that is by putting everyone in an EV,” said Alex Keros, lead architect of EV infrastructure and charging at General Motors. “We are bringing 30 new EVs to market globally by 2025 and can help to benefit the grid by optimizing charging times to non-peak hours. We’re excited to offer Chevrolet Bolt EV customers access to the DTE Smart Charge program.”

Matt Stover, global director of electric vehicle charging and energy services at Ford Motor Company, said, “We know charging remains a barrier to mass electric vehicle adoption and providing smart and seamless charging solutions will support a smooth transition to an EV lifestyle. Working with forward-thinking utilities such as DTE in Ford’s home state of Michigan will help customers save money and manage their charging impact on the grid, helping to stabilize energy availability for all.”

As new EV and OVGIP technologies move forward, DTE will continue to be a leader in researching ways to blend our energy management expertise with those of leading automakers and other innovative companies to move closer toward the goal of reducing carbon emissions. Learn more about DTE Energy’s Net Zero commitments at

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