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Fabric Buildings are the perfect Solutions for Critical Infrastructure throughout North America – G&B Portable Fabric Buildings

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Author: Nancy Abrams

Critical Components Infrastructure by G&B Portable Fabric Buildings


The Energy Sectors and Commercial Construction markets are growing, and new pipelines, pipeline expansions and processing facilities are required to meet these new demands. G&B’s Portable Fabric Building Systems can be installed permanently or temporarily for all Resource Management Construction Sites and Energy Projects. Contributing to the sustainability of economic growth throughout North America is a key factor in G&B’s zero impact initiatives. This connects directly to the cleaner environment initiatives and investments in green technologies that are currently being implemented in the Energy Sectors and Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Industries.

G&B is committed to providing a higher standard. Our safety procedures are always up to date and we ensure all our Accreditations, Memberships and Certifications are current and compliant with the Building Code Requirements throughout North America. At G&B we strive for excellence through Building Partnerships and we are the Premier Supplier and Manufacturer of Portable Fabric Buildings throughout Canada, and now the United States.

As we have grown, we have moved our focus from the smaller Quonset farm like Structures to a more Industrial Steel Buildings with certified Steel Trusses and Fire Retardant Fabric Covers that come with Warranty and several Foundation Options. All Buildings components can be customized for your geographic location and environment. With our ability to adapt any building to suit your needs, this brings new strategic planning to Fabric Building Engineering and Installations.


The G&B Way: Certifications and Memberships

Obtaining a certified G&B Portable Fabric Building is necessary for the Critical Infrastructure in the North American Energy Sectors and for Commercial Construction Projects as well as Agricultural and Industrial Storage Facilities. As part of our commitment to providing the best services and highest quality of fabric buildings, G&B ensures all our crews are certified to National Building Code Standards. Whether we are installing a building in the United States or in Canada, G&B is always making sure we comply with all the health & safety regulations.

We ensure we are COR® Certified, CSA® and ISNetworld® Compliant as well as active members of Comply Works® and Avetta®. By fully implementing these safety and health programs we warrant that we meet all National Building Code Standards in Canada and the United States.

COR® is a safety standard that is provided to industry employers and G&B maintains this Certification by completing an annual audit. This standard ensures there is an effective safety and health management system that helps to reduce incidents, accidents, and injuries. The goal of the COR® Certification program is to provide effective safety and health management systems which comply with the National Building Code Standards in Canada. COR® is trademarked and endorsed by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (Source: CFCSA:Cor).

CSA W47.1 is a CWD Designation acquired by G&B Portable Fabric Buildings and is required to obtain permits for Steel Building Systems and Pre-engineered Fabric Buildings in North America. Each year we participate in an Annual Audit checking for engineering designs, methods & personnel, materials control, fabrication, warehousing and plant quality, packaging, shipping as well as the erection documentation and quality assurance followed throughout the Fabric Building Installations completed by G&B’s certified crews. This certification is also required to maintain compliancy with all welding practices and requirements in the field. We ensure our welding supervisors and engineers are experienced welding technicians and are fully trained and knowledgeable with the welding symbols and welding faults (Source:


ISNetworld® is a North American online contractor and supplier management platform that helps companies manage risks and helps to strengthen the customer and business relationships. This platform helps companies to maintain all their compliance information on one place. In order to be compliant with ISNetworld® we have to submit written programs, work hours and incidents and injuries as part of an annual review. Some of the written programs include: Insurance and Procurements, Audits and Evaluations, Customer Service and Outreach, Analytics and Reporting, and attending the ISN Meetings (Source:

Comply Works® is a Client Management system that is used mainly by contractors throughout North America. It allows for better quality control over the safety procedures and standards implemented at a company level or at a National Building Code level (Source:

Avetta® is a supply chain management system that is mainly used to track data between suppliers, contractors and vendors. It’s a great way for companies to monitor and store compliance documentation. Avetta® will work with companies to review the Health and Safety Compliances before creating new contracts for new projects. It allows for companies to easily contact new hires while ensuring they follow the health and safety standards and procedures. With Avetta®, some companies are said to have lowered their incident rates by over 50% (Source:


Why Choose a G&B Fabric Building in Resource Extraction and Management:

Safety and risk are the top priorities at G&B. Our workplace safety regulations are always improving as we strive for excellence every day, and for every construction project. Our Permanent or Portable Fabric Tent and Tarp Buildings are certified for any location. Our Production team will work with your project management team for any permitting requirements.

With the economy changing, and the Resource Management sector moving to a more environmentally aware sector, the Zero Impact Initiatives incorporated in a Fabric Building makes having a Zero Impact Initiative for your company simple. Site-specific Engineering and Preparation is available through G&B as we specialize in Off The Grid Resource Storage Solutions and Work Applications. All G&B Fabric Buildings are constructed of Heavy-Duty Commercial Construction Materials, which help to ensure lifelong dependable service for Resource and Industrial Applications. With G&B’s turn-key operations, our Fabric Buildings can be installed in the tightest deadlines.

Contact us for our Preventative Maintenance Options, to discuss Warranty on our Fabric Buildings, or to Request a Quote today. We also provide Full Service Repairs and Recovers for any Fabric Building currently in the market.

We cover your assets;  AnySize, AnyTime, AnyPlace.



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