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Polvo Powdered Emulsifier can save you on handling time & logistic costs for your next drilling project – Di-Corp

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Polvo Mul P

With the current trend of drilling with Oil Based Mud, there is always a demand for innovative products that can withstand harsh Canadian winters and deliver on performance in the field.  Di-Corp has partnered with Gumpro to meet these challenges. With extensive laboratory research and development to create a low pour point product, Gumpro has developed a series of powdered additives for Oil Based Mud systems, the Polvo Series.

These free flowing powders not only eliminate any pour point issues that occur, they reduce drum handling, logistics (trucking), cleaning and disposal costs.  Polvo products have also been shown to improve your mud’s stability, meaning it can be stored and transferred without any concern for separation and re-mixing at the rig site.

I’m a Drilling Fluids Company, Give me the Business Case

1. LOWER LOGISTICAL COSTS – No handling, hauling cleaning or recycling of drums, saves space at rig site and cost of transporting of product

Pallets instead of drums

2. NO POUR POINT ISSUES – Free Flowing, readily dispersible powders add a performance advantage of treating system immediately with only one bag at a time and no need to pre-heat drums

3. NO SOLVENTS – Used for different base oil muds with reduced toxicity

4. PRO ENVIRONMENT – Less overall environmental foot print with no requirement for washing or waste disposal and no drums on site


I’m a Mud Engineer, give me the Technical Benefits

1. SAVES HANDLING TIME – No need to pre-warm drums in the mix shack means quicker mixing times on-site

2. IMPROVED EMULSION STABILITY – Higher concentration of emulsifier results in no separation after >7 days.  No pre-mixing is necessary.

Emul stability -Updated Labels

3. IMPROVED RHEOLOGY – Free Flowing, readily dispersible powders can be added at the hopper and sheared right into the mud, thus enhancing system rheology prior to being pumped down-hole

4. ON-SITE SAFETY – Bags are safer to handle as most rigs are not equipped with a drum lift


  • Compatible with all types of non-aqueous drilling fluid systems
  • Suitable over wide range of Mud weights and Oil-Water Ratios
  • Effective over wide range of Bottom Hole Temperatures


  • Reduces Dosage of Organophilic Clays by up to 50%
  • May Require Reduced Dosage overall

Di-Corp Dosage Costs

If you are a Drilling Fluids company, please contact Di-Corp for more information!

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