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Hazloc Heaters

Access to energy can be a challenge—but the GEOWEB 3D Road System gets it done! Presto Geosystems

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Energy resources are often located in the most remote, undeveloped, and difficult to access areas.  Getting trucks and equipment into these sites can be a real challenge, especially in the Spring and Fall months when the ground is extremely soft, wet and muddy.

The GEOWEB® 3D soil confinement system offers cost-effective roadway and work platform solutions for sites with soft ground and limited aggregate resources. This easy-to-transport, fast-to-deploy system confines and stabilizes infill materials for creating economical site access roads and work pads.

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The GEOWEB system is ideal for building access roads and pads in areas with low strength soils, such as over deep peat or muskeg that is common in Western Canada. The 3D system works well with onsite fill and reject sand and can be installed in any weather condition─so access to oil sites is not interrupted, even in the wettest or coldest months. The GEOWEB system also reduces site disturbance in environmentally sensitive areas that are prone to degradation. GEOWEB roadways require less grading; one highly-trafficked GEOWEB Canadian oil lease access road has not been graded since installation nearly 4 years ago.

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GEOWEB Applications:

  • Oil field site access roads
  • Intermodal transfer facilities
  • Laydown yards
  • Drilling pads

See how the GEOWEB system performs:

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For project assistance in the US, contact Presto Geosystems at 800-548-3424.
For project assistance in Canada, contact Presto’s Canadian distributor Layfield Group at 888-748-7905.

Request a Free Project Evaluation for your site. See how the GEOWEB system works for the Oil & Gas Industry.

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