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[Tech Sheet] EvoOne: Unified Telemetry Provides Reliable, High-Density Directional Drilling Data

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EvoOne Feature Image

Reliability Above All

Being able to adapt to changing drilling conditions is critical in today’s market. This means measurement while drilling (MWD) tools must be able to accommodate adjustments of drilling parameters to maintain efficiency or react to unplanned changes to fluid or flow rates. With the time to drill a well decreasing every day, tripping for MWD is not an option.

EvoOne raises the bar for reliability and operational flexibility.

MAXIMUM UPTIMEEvo One Unified Telemetry Image

Designing EvoOne from the ground up, Evolution focused on eliminating traditional failure points such as electrical connections and internal communication protocols. Each aspect of EvoOne was critically examined for weaknesses and subsequently optimized. As a result, EvoOne breaks through the boundaries of traditional reliability numbers and provides extremely high uptime numbers.


Unified Telemetry operates on the principle of one optimized MWD system providing users with both electromagnetic (EM) and Mud Pulse telemetry. Having both telemetries available eliminates the need to pull out of hole for lost telemetry signal. The redundancy dramatically increases rig uptime.


With Unified Telemetry, reliability does not end with redundancy. EvoOne is constantly monitoring system health and transmits diagnosis statuses of each telemetry system. Knowing how each telemetry is performing provides insight for maximum functionality and predictability. If one telemetry loses signal, the other telemetry will provide system diagnostics to help pin-point the root cause and therefore identify if any actions are required.


Operational flexibility is of paramount importance in today’s market. EM and Mud Pulse have historically been mutually exclusive. EvoOne provides EvoEM and EvoPulse in one package, allowing users to decide how and when the telemetries should operate. Simultaneous or selective operation, independent data configurations and independent signal power configurations are only a few of the ways EvoOne enhances operational flexibility.


EvoOne is designed with the future in mind. Drilling practices change month-to-month and even hour-by-hour. To accommodate this, EvoOne can adapt, on-the-fly, to changes in fluid, flow rates and formations. EvoOne allows users to adjust signal transmission settings to overcome any challenges that are encountered. With wells going deeper and farther-reaching, EvoOne is purposely designed to meet this need and still provide reliable data.


About Evolution

Building upon its patented and proven Unified Telemetry™ platform, Evolution delivers purpose-built MWD products that exceed today’s drilling requirements for performance and reliability. The company’s flagship MWD system, EvoOne™, was built to provide a single, highly reliable MWD tool suitable for every drilling requirement. By designing and manufacturing these systems in-house, Evolution eliminated the most common MWD tool failure causes while combining EM (electromagnetic waves travelling through the Earth sending data at high speeds) and Mud Pulse (pressure pulses in the drilling fluid sending data at moderate speeds) technology into a single Unified Telemetry with a one-size-fits-all probe design. By designing extremely reliable, high data rate, large bandwidth communication technology, Evolution is at the forefront of developing the Subsurface Internet™. Evolution Engineering Inc. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and Conroe, Texas and maintains a field facility in Midland Texas. For more information visit

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