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Overcoming Soft Soil Access Challenges with Lightweight Construction Mats – Presto Geosystems

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Construction access over soft soils present a common challenge that project managers face to complete projects on time and within budget. Sites with extremely soft soil—and sites in remote, difficult-to-access areas make access road and pad construction even more challenging. Commonly used legacy construction mats are made from timber, laminate, steel and heavy composite. They can be effective—but are also costly and can put laborers at risk as they require heavy equipment to install. Often hauling in enough aggregate to create a pad adequate to sustain the necessary loads must come miles away and can be extremely expensive. The ideal mats for access road and pad construction are designed with a high utility-to-weight ratio, are easy to handle without heavy equipment, are easy on the environment, and are more cost-effective.

Geoterra Mats 1

GEOTERRA mats support heavy equipment and vehicles – more than five times H-20 pressures, and reduce mud tracking.

Proven GEOTERRA Mats are Strong, yet Light in Weight

Presto’s GEOTERRA construction mats are made from polyethylene blends and created over 10 years ago to meet the needs of major oil and gas companies working in remote areas with wet, soft ground.  Transporting materials to these sites by helicopter precipitated the need for light, yet strong mats for work platforms and access roads.  As the first of its kind, the mats capitalized on the sustainable characteristics of recycled polyethylene and offer an efficient, strong design for a variety of access applications.  They deliver ample structural strength (crush strength of 420 psi (2900 kPa)), which is well above typical H-20 loading pressures of 110 psi (760 kPa).

Geoterra Mats 2

GEOTERRA mats form a strong working platform in a remote oilfield location where aggregate resources are scarce and costly.

Safest, Fastest Access to Energy Resources

Typical applications for GEOTERRA mats include working platforms for oil and gas exploration, maintenance and access roads, pipeline access, material storage pads and helipads. They are effectively employed over soft, wet ground, and as tracking pads to remove excess soil from vehicle treads.

No heavy equipment is required to deploy or install GEOTERRA mats, so they are safer for workers. Pre-assembly into larger mat sections allow for quick installation. Design flexibility allows for building the mat sized for the project site.

Geoterra Mats 3-4 Combined

Left: The size and shape of the completed GEOTERRA mat system can be configured to a site’s unique layout needs. Right: Installed over a high strength geotextile, GEOTERRA mats effectively bridge extremely soft soil areas for access to oil and gas, transmission and other energy sources.

Low Environmental Impact

In environmentally-sensitive areas, GEOTERRA mats offer a low-environmental impact approach as they do not degrade, weather, or leach into the subsurface as polyethylene is a chemically inert material.

The Lowest Cost, Fastest Mat to Mobilize

GEOTERRA mats represent a low life-cycle cost solution, as they are reusable. Even the most difficult site challenges can be overcome by combining portable mat systems with the correct underlayer and anchoring system. The cost advantages of GEOTERRA mats over legacy mat systems and imported materials can be as high as 70%. They allow fast in, fast out access to even the most challenging sites.

Learn more about GEOTERRA Ground Protection Mats >>

For project assistance, contact Presto Geosystems at 800-548-3424 or 920-738-1328.

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