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Harsh Conditions & Limited Resources? No Need to Slow Down Road & Pad Construction – Presto Geosystems

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Presto Geosystems

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Alberta’s Oil Sands operators have capitalized on the GEOWEB system’s ‘cellular confinement’ technology to help them overcome the challenges they face when building access roads and drill pads in one of Canada’s harshest regions.  Transporting construction, drilling and completions equipment with heavy wheel loads (typical loads exceeding 125,000 lbs) is extremely challenging over the soft, wet ground (thick muskeg and saturated clays) typical of this region—not to mention working through the dead of winter in extreme weather conditions and on frozen ground.  If that were not challenging enough, add limited road building resources to the mix for a situation that makes building roads and pads nearly impossible.

A Better Way to Build with Limited Resources

The 3D cellular confinement technology was co-developed by Presto Products Company 30+ years ago as a means to build roadways over poor subgrades using sand fill.  The GEOWEB roadway system is the chosen solution for Western Canada oil producers as it greatly reduces the cross-section required—often replacing a 1.5m section with a 200 mm section—and allows reject screenings from crushing operations (coarse sand <5 mm) to be used as infill.  This not only saves on the importing of expensive aggregate, but may also be the BEST way to build roads into remote areas with limited available resources.

Presto Geosystems Combo

How does the GEOWEB 3D System Work?

Ultrasonically-welded strips of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the only material with 30+ years of proven, in-ground geocell successes, form the 3D GEOWEB® structure.  Through confinement, the strong cellular network provides cohesion and additional strength to non-cohesive soils. Once filled, the system has a stable driving surface and can support heavy, repeated loading.

Each 25 m2 GEOWEB sections (2.6m x 9.6m) is quick and easy to install by local crews—simply expand and anchor using temporary stakes, infill using dump trucks, and spread the infill using dozers and/or skid steers.  Fast ATRA® section connectors, as well as construction experience and oversight provided by Canadian distributor Layfield Group can greatly increase installation rates.

Presto Geosystems

Why the GEOWEB® System is a Proven Solution for Roads and Pads:

  • Performs extremely well over soft subgrades.
  • Allows use of on-site and sand fill.
  • No weather or temperature restrictions.
  • Easy to transport and easy to deploy material.

The GEOWEB system can handle the toughest site conditions—and has been for over 30 years—allowing energy companies quick access to their oil.

For project assistance in the US, contact Presto Geosystems at 800-548-3424 or 920-738-1328.
For project assistance in Canada, contact Presto’s Canadian distributor Layfield Group,. Edmonton, AB Head Office:  (780) 453-6731

Request a Free Project Evaluation for your site. See how the GEOWEB system works for the Oil & Gas Industry.

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